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11-12-2015, 09:40 PM
So, is it just me or have there been a lot more treestand accidents this year? I've heard of at least a dozen here in my local corner of SWO. I'm just as guilty as the next guy for not using a lifeline (I need to get a couple for sure). But here's my rant:

The manufacturers of these safety harnesses should be including the lifeline (or their version of it) with the harnesses, and if a treestand manufacturer supplies a harness with the purchase they should throw one in as well. Does anyone else feel this way?

I mean I know it's $30 or $40 but if they really cared about the safety, why not eat the cost of one and package them with the harnesses if someone is spending over $100 on a harness. Just my .02. What say you?

11-13-2015, 12:23 AM
I haven't heard about to many but my buddy at work had a pretty bad, well really bad accident opening day. While using his climber, the cable on the top piece snapped. Luckily his feet were hooked into the bottom piece. He fell completely backwards and was hanging by literally his feet and ankles. Also luckily he was hunting with his wife that day and she heard it and heard him yell, called the squad/fire dept and they had to come out and help him. I saw a pic, let me tell you it was crazy as h*ll! I'm not sure how he was still hanging, all his weight on his feet/ankles.

So anyways yes I agree that life lines should be including when you purchase a safety harness. I also don't use one while climbing but prolly should.

11-13-2015, 01:16 AM
haven't heard of any accidents up my way

MY 2 cents on a life line is this
IF you think your life is important, and need one
WAY make a MFG HAVE ti incur the costs?
you say its only 30-40 bucks

well , isn't that there view too??
only they expect YOU to pay, after all its YOUR life, NOT There

making MFG"S have to DO things for YOU< TO ME< is just another way of folks NOT wanting to take responsibility of there OWN actions

sorry if I offend anyone here with this
its like when a guy trespasses to me and gets hurt and then wants to blame the land owner he was trespassing on??
we live in a WAY over protected world due to folks passing the buck on blame when they get hurt

I grew up, riding bicycles, NO helmets, rode in cars NO seat belts, as did MILLIONS of other Americans
YES newer safer thing are OUT there
and folks SHOULD use them IF THEY WISH TO

but these added costs being directed into MFG"S drive costs WAY up, and has been known to put some business's out of business , trying to meet standards forced into LAWS

here in PA< as in MANY states ITS A LAW< to wear a seat belt
YET here in PA< a helmet on a motorcycle is NOT required
BUT a helmet IS a law for kids on bikes??

safety SHOULD be the JOB and responsibility of the USER IMO
parents SHOULD WANT there kids to be as safe as they can be

but I am NOT one for forcing laws onto adults, capable of making decisions of there own
NOR forcing company's to make many things mandatory

millions and millions of hunters made and used HOMEMADE tree stands, un safe as hell LOL
for yrs and yr
it was TIME that came out with better options, and better options
and was UP to hunters to PICK what they wanted to USE or NOT
makes should MAKE options, and let people decide what they WANT to use or HAVE

if you feel a life line is MUST have item, and DON"T have one, DON"T GO UP A TREE< problem solved
NOW IF you want to hunt OUT of tree's
well, YOU buy what you feel you need

and I am NOT bashing safety lines, I say be as safe as you can
but the call here is, its YOUR CALL on HOW to hunt and or up a tree or NOT if you don't have the gear

I'd love a Lamborghini, BUT doesn't mean all MFG"S should give me one when I buy a car LOL

11-13-2015, 02:31 PM
Well said MRBB... Personal responsibility is the solution. Not new laws from the State or Federal Government.

11-13-2015, 04:26 PM
Not offended at all, just wanted to spark conversation. I wasn't by any means suggesting laws or anything be changed, or that personal responsibility takes over. I guess I should have stated it dofferently, if I owned a manufacturer of stands or harnesses and could mass produce the lifeline for around $10 I guess, I would consider doing it. I may be foolish, but that's how I look at it.

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11-13-2015, 04:35 PM
Unfortunately I have had an accident but came out with a few injuries but have pretty much recovered. What it comes down to is the almighty dollar. Are you willing to go the extra mile or just half way and hope nothing happens.

11-13-2015, 06:07 PM
Unfortunately I have had an accident but came out with a few injuries but have pretty much recovered. What it comes down to is the almighty dollar. Are you willing to go the extra mile or just half way and hope nothing happens.

I agree it comes down to $$$, But I personally don't think its anyone else job to PAY for me being safe
THERE job SHOULD BE TO make QUALITY products
after that, its OUR job to BUY what we need or NOT do something if we cannot afford to
government hands outs have people thinking they deserve too much IMO
and NOT saying anyone here feels they should have things FREE

but its just trend I see in my area
folks cry about NOT having something, yet do NOTHING to earn it , just feel someone should GIVE it to them, cause they see others that have it or??

just look again at cars, and all the safety features to DO what HUMANS can do, but know too many day dream or???
while driving LOL

11-14-2015, 10:29 AM
I definitely agree with what you are saying here. But, why can't the companies charge a little extra and throw in the life line? We could take this topic for a ride and branch it out to several areas. You get what you need or what you want in other things you buy and sometimes you have to buy something else to complete your product. I agree more here with heelbilly. I don't want it for free but if they threw in the life line and charges the extra cost it wold just make life simpler.

11-14-2015, 12:35 PM
I gather they DON"T throw it in, as they KNOW they can get MORE for it selling it separate
business's are in business to make MONEY, , not always to make happy customers LOL

just look at HOW many things you buy that TAKE batteries and they DON"T include them, and like items
its a way the company's KNOW they will sell more products, get you to spend more time shopoping, and that leads to you buying other things
again its marketing.

I agree some company's would be better off offering a FULL packaged deal, and gather in time as MORE and more folks want them they will.
but MOST hunters still don't use them, BUT many more DO use a safety harness
and its been a slow transition into hunters using safety harness's too
STILL a LOT that don't
as demand goes up, they adapt
till then, MOST sell and package what they FEEL will sell best for them

JUST look at HOW long it took guys to switch from long/re curve bows to Compounds(if your young this won't help you understand LOL)
or from HOME MADE stands to pre made stands
or places antler restrictions were made into law, folks hated them at first, but in time, MOST all like them NOW!

it all takes time, and few people LIKE change
newer generations adapt better to change, as heck, seems they always WANT change(Look at smart phones, they change as fast as they make em LOL, and its due to DEMAND)
older types like things to stay the same and fight changes more
a generation thing I feel!