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10-26-2015, 02:09 PM
24.00 deer tag
50.00 ER Visit
120.00 copays for Dr visits
30.00 for pain meds
25.00 for bandages
150.00 for ER Doctor not on our plan
Lost Arrow
2 weeks of no pay for my son & worring if he still had a job when this was all over

On the bright side Stitches are all out and maybe up to another 6 months the heal, he didn't lose his job and he's back to work...now to decide on weather to get another tag...

I went out for an afternoon, evening hunt around 7:00 pm I shot a mature doe. It was a good shot going in but she turned and it turned out being a bad shot when the arrow came out. I lost sight of her in the tall weeds so I backed out and packed all my gear up and waited about 45 mins for my son to help track her...We could hear her moving once we got close to her so we sat in the field for about an hour then proceded. This went on for 3 hours finally when we saw her she had died (so we thought) we were down wind so she didn't hear us or smell us coming up on her from behind. I unloaded my backpack to get permit filed out & my knives ready...Then my son went up and she moved so he jumped on her to hold her down, I gave him my knife & he took care of her, but in the process she kick one last time and my son fell over holding his leg and said mom she got me. I said just walk it off you'll be fine, no mom you don't understand she got me and i'm bleeding. So then my attention turned to him,he took his belt off to tie around his thigh to stop the bleeding ,I took his muscle shirt and began shredding it to make bandages. Holding his leg up above his heart so he wouldn't bleed as bad, Then phone call for someone to help me get him to the hospital. I finally got him home around 2:00 am. I think my son bled more than the deer did that night. The person that helped me that night dragged my deer to my ground blind and left her there. The next morning around 4:30 am I woke couldn't sleep thinking about if I could save the meat, so I went to the ground blind and she was still there and strapped to my cart nothing had bothered her but the cart had broken that's why it didn't make it to the house. Thank goodness it was cold that night and I was able to save all the meat. A couple of days later my son who is 21 said, I have always thought about jumping on a deers back out of my stand but after all the damage she did just from one kick he said that's not going to happen. So that's my most expensive deer.

10-26-2015, 03:18 PM
sorry but hunting is NOT a cheap sport
just look at the price of a good bow, or gun, then good clothing and other gear, then a truck to get where you hunt, OWN some land and price gets WILD crazy high, do food plots and it goes up more,
hunting is NO longer a free like cheap sport
I couldn't imagine the money I spent hunting over the past 30 yrs, it would scare me to think about adding it all up
MOST things in life are this way
when you look at the big picture NOTHING is cheap
add up cell phone costs for last 5 yrs and see what they come to
and who really needs a dam cell phone
its all about WANT in todays world
we all want more than we need, and now in such a throw away world, , we literally throw away money all the time

only go around once, DO what makes you happy that you can afford I say! LOL

10-26-2015, 04:44 PM
Sorry to hear about your son and I hope he heals up. I also hope he learned a valuable lesson. You don't mess with a dying animal. Don't get on it to cut its throat. If you can shoot it again shoot it. If not wait until it expires as it is not worth getting hurt over trying to save some meat you might lose your hide in the process. Again I hope he heals up and sorry to hear about the accident.

10-27-2015, 10:05 AM
Your so right good luck and be safe out there

10-27-2015, 10:08 AM
thank you nomad im sure we will all be more careful....

10-27-2015, 12:13 PM
thank you nomad im sure we will all be more careful....

Now that everyone is feeling better. Get your tags and get back out there and good luck.