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10-14-2015, 08:30 PM
I went for an evening hunt after work today. I got off at 3, showered and hit my spot around 4. I sat there until 730 and didn't see anything. I walked to my jeep and put everything away. Got in and started home. As soon as I got on the road what do I see? 3 does in the next field. If only it wasn't private property I would hunt it. Last picture is where I was, red dot is where I sat, green is the does I seen, blue is my jeep. http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/10/14/be644c820357e4793bf0ba6a6b546e7b.jpghttp://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/10/14/7b09d36b0e1362b23b895513b51747c4.jpghttp://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/10/14/c113985c90109e9ca7fa764c9d6efbbf.jpghttp://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/10/14/ec5c28b075909f09c4c695b43976ba34.jpghttp://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/10/14/192125488b67ac6b64dec0e2386e0eb3.jpg

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10-14-2015, 09:33 PM
the grass is always greener else where LOL

NO just kidding
deer travel and move
its about being where they want to be when they want to be there
LOTS of time left in this season
so hang in there, and good luck

10-15-2015, 06:08 AM
Yea I wasn't expecting to leave and almost hit one. As soon as she started to cross I thought about going for it lol. I usually see them where I was but I'm not sure what they were thinking yesterday. It felt like a good day to sit that field

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