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09-18-2015, 09:49 AM
About 8 years ago I decided to buy a deer decoy and try it out and since then I have used it at least a few times a season. And I have had some pretty good success with it as well, when it works it works like a charm. I have had some deer, usually older does, shy away from it. I can't remember what brand of decoy it is but I know its a mid range one. So now I'm looking at buying another, better, decoy and I'm looking at the Flambeau boss buck. Anyone have a boss buck or have used one? Or I guess for that matter, what decoys do you use and how do they work for you?

Also have you guys seen the DSD Posturing Buck decoy? These things are crazy badass! They are so realistic looking but the bad part...$$$! I haven't shopped around for them so prices may vary but on their website I think they were running like $599...hence why I'm not buying one, lol. But would definitely like to own one.

09-18-2015, 08:33 PM
I started using a 3D deer target as a decoy in about the mid 90's
I then bought a Flambea decoy in about 2002 or so
I have mixed results, MORE BAD than good
MY personal experience is, it comes down to your deer heard and its age group and buck to doe ratio's

I have taken my decoy to several states too, MO, Oh< ND., SD>< WV> PA< MD, NY NJ<
and have had the same luck more or less, SOME times it works some times it scares deer away

it got to the point I quit using it and actually sold it last fall
its a royal pain in the ass to cary in, even if you break it down, its LOUD plastic is terrible if you have to carry thru any type of twigs or branches
THAT alone I think scares deer away!

I tried leaving it at sites ina LARGE plastic bag and covered it up, BUT again come morning, your making a TON of noise getting it up and out
to me, there NOT worth the time and effort to carry into a set

On a few places I have ground blinds on food plots, I had the best luck as I could stick the decoy in the blind at night LOL

but me, I would never spend the money or time on one again
killed FAR more deer without one, SO don't see the need
YES they can work
but its like a gadget that's NOT needed IMO
and Worse, at times they spook deer, so, your rolling the dice on making your hunting harder and NOT better!

and it seem MOST folks have 50/50 luck, SO< that means just as many times it NOT helping, and work to use it and costs!

My 2 cents LOL

09-19-2015, 02:45 PM
I have one but I haven't needed to use it yet thankfully. For the money it is a decent looking decoy and the flocked finish is nice. Big and bulky, a little noisy to assemble. Not a DSD decoy but i don't know that the DSD would result in more kills.

09-23-2015, 08:59 PM
Check out my decoy. I have owned this decoy for a few years . It is a flambeau grazing doe. I.customized it this year. She has been great in the past. I feel that she works well because she is grazing instead of looking alert. I put a full doe hide on her for this season and a tail wagger which made all the difference last year. Cant wait to see how it goes. Oh and she only cost $100.00. http://www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=2594129

09-24-2015, 11:08 AM
first off your link won't allow NON logged in members to view it, second, I have always felt a feeding or bedding pose is a better idea on a doe decoy.
last, adding a deer hide, may look more real, But I never tried it due to scent, of tanning solutions, I felt they would scare off smart bucks with there chemical scent.
then again a love struck buck can be dumb lol
good luck with it.
i'm just too lazy to carry a decocy, and hell I gave up deer hunting for now too

09-28-2015, 11:26 PM
I've only ever used a decoy twice. It was a 3D target. Once, it worked and the other time it didn't. It was too much a hassle to tote in and out with the rest of my gear, and I'm too cheap to buy anything easier to pack out, so I don't use it anymore. I don't know many guys who have anything greater than 50/50 success with them.

10-05-2015, 10:00 PM
So after reading A LOT of reviews, think I've changed my mind on the Boss Buck decoy. I think I want to go with a Carry Lite EZ Buck decoy. Main reason is because a lot of people say that the thing is so bulky and noisy to carry and set up. Anyone have any experience with this one?

10-05-2015, 10:38 PM
well hate to bust your bubble, that IS the model I had, and its noise as crap to carry, it doesn't break down so well, and if you do
a bunch of times soon it doesn't stay together
I ended up making mine to be a fixed set up deal, ONLY way legs would stay on and tail?
I tried using under coating to Inside to help take some of the hallow sound off it, BUT didn't do anything but make it a little heavier LOL
I did make my own Sling like deal, so I could carry it in that way, BUT it sucks to haul that big thing about

also the foot holes to put the stakes in the ground broke off on one leg, and had to make new one's, ona COLD Morning, got brittle
I also wish it had the ability to be in the feeding position, over the alert like deal it has

a TIP that did work
is I used to use scent free dryer sheets to add to the tail, to make it move with the wind(the dryer sheet that is)
that DID seem to help a little

it is a decoy and it isn't TERRIBLE of looking one

But its has a LOT of room for improvements

first would be to be made out of a soft skin rubber over HARD plastic
then better ways to attach the legs and head and EARS(yes forgot, ears were the first things to STOP staying on, solved that BY filling head with spray can foam and sticking ears in and then a few LONG screws LOL)

a neck or head that can move with the wind would be nice
YOU can also add the dryer sheets to the ears to make them LOOK like there moving, that too seemed to help easy some older doe's at times HAHA!

and anything possible to get that loud hallow sound off it when you encounter a twig or branch or?? when carrying it in!

before I sold mine, I thought about wrapping it with a burlap material and air brushing it
but never go to it LOL
sold it, and happy its gone to be honest!

I had this model from about 2003 till about 2013, too, so I gave it a LOT of try's over the yrs and again, in MANY states too!
I wish I could say it worked better or more often, BUT I cannot

IF I had to BUY a decoy, I would rather use a 3d target than this one again
there quieter , can be had in same size or BIGGER
can be SHOT in the off season, or to pass time out of a tree LOL

I had better luck with a 3d deer with the legs cut off, so it was like a bedded deer too!
and was easier to carry in, them legs get to be a pain in the a$ when carrying in!