View Full Version : Why Do I hunt?

08-29-2015, 12:18 AM
There are many reasons why I hunt. Sure, to the non hunter I say that I like to get out in the woods, fresh air and all of that. but to hunt is so much more. As I look toward the 2015 season I reflect back on what I have learned over the many years of hunting and I say I hunt because is the most humbling experience a human can have, When I enter the woods it is just me and nature, and nature is not going to make it easy. In the years I have hunted deer, I have learned that they are social animals, I would bet my life they have feelings. They know about their families, they feel as we do.... But still I realize that they are the prey and I am a predator. I have more respect for deer than most people.

Tomorrow I am getting out my gear to get ready for another season. Good luck to all and remember to respect the animals you hunt.