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08-15-2015, 07:51 AM
Has anyone tried the new Scentlok Vortex windproof fleece at all, I just purchased this, some reviews say great things and some not, its very light weight and thin and its suppose to be a cold weather gear, just looking for opinions from anyone who might have it, and from guys who put time in during the cold weather months.

08-16-2015, 12:32 AM
I have hunted COLD weather a LOT, like minus 40 cold, from northern Alberta, to AK< to winters here in PA< and Maine and like places
MY personal experience says this
all SO called water proof liners like gor tex and copies, all get brittle in VERY cold weather, and there LOUD noisy, and worthless to me bow hunting
IN very cold weather, I don't need or want water proof clothing to be honest
wind proof, YES, if its that cold, you ain't having water to worry about LOL
I have hunted a LOT over the yrs, averaged 3 months a yr for over 20 yrs, and a very active outdoors person, from MX bikes, to atv's to snowmobiles, so have a good idea on weather and gear and what works and doesn't, based on a TON of money I pissed away over the yrs
I find all gor tex and like things will bleed thru water in time , they work best when new and slowly don't work so great
its BY design
they work by allowing SMALL particles of water vapor to escape and stop larger drops to go thru
these small holes, get blocked in time and thus cause it NOT to work so good
plus just HRS in rain, day after day, they bleed thru, as just gets to be too much to stop water from getting in!
NOTHING beats GOOD rain gear when its time to be in the rain
I personally don't even like to hunt in the rain, more due to losing a blood trail, than getting wet
as , decent gor tex lined gear will work for light rains and such
say your hunting and get caught in some rain
but would never be my go to gear to be out in the rain
my cold weather gear is just that cold weather gear
my rain gear is , just that rain gear
like one size fits all things, MOST don't work as well as the right tool for the job!
and at todays prices for gear, its sad!

best cold weather gear made IMO< is stuff from a company called Raven Wear, up in Canada
its awesome, super quiet, can be had in a teflon coated spray on coating that sheds water pretty darn good and will keep you dry for a few hrs in a rain storm
will dry FAST too
But its NOT cheap in any way shape or form
I paid over a grand for what I bought 15 yrs ago
BUT I still have it today and it works like it did on day one.
I do take care of it, and ONLY use it in COLD weather hunts
but I have zero concern about recommending it, top shelf stuff for sure

08-16-2015, 07:19 AM
Hey thanks for you info mrbb, I don't mind paying the price for quality hunting gear if it does the job they claim it suppose to do, the scentlok vortex is a double layer of micro fleece with the wind proof lining between the fleece, I was told by scentlok that they have not used Gortex in their garments for quite sometime now because of the noise it makes when it does get cold. well time will tell how warm this new Vortex stuff is going to be, thanks again.

08-17-2015, 09:27 AM
I just picked up a scentblocker windproof jacket in a clearance from an online retailer. I cant wait to use it. I wish there was matching pants. I have been known to use a rain suit on windy days just to cut the wind. Good luck with you new gear.