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06-29-2015, 10:49 AM
OK so, I am selling a bunch of farm things, I know most folks I am too far away, but never know, so will list what I am selling.
I honestly have plans to sell it all in a lump packaged deal, and have a few people that MIGHT be interested,m BUT, IF they don't buy, or someone else buys before they do, I don't care as long as it all sells

here are the items
one international harvester model 340,
47 hp at the crank not sure on yr,
runs fine, NO known issue's other than battery is getting old now!
It currently sits with a 6 ft box scraper on, IT also has a 5 ft side sickle mower for it
there is also a JD two row corn planter for it too!, and has fast hitch draw bar also!

this tractor was bought new (and only had one owner besides me!) and was ONLY used for small crop planting as it was a dairy farm, I then bought it off the original owner and its been on his farm all its life(I lost hunting rights to farm in 2014, tractor has been in the barn there ever since and still is, along with most of this stuff, BUT its mine and NOW for sale) Last time it was used was in 2013, been parked since while we settled out due to a death in farm opwnership

one International Harvester Model H, believe its about 25 hp or a hair more!
again forget yr, but it once had a front end loader on it, but was removed in the 80's and only has frame work for it now. I have been using this for many yrs to do a lot of my food plot work. runs fine, BUT could use a carb cleaning and rebuild, as it has a slight hicup when going over bigger bumps, BUT never stops or stalls, just gets a little sputter, and the glass fuel bowel leaks a little some times, .
last time this was used was in April of 2014, been parked since

Two pull behind Disc's, (believe they are either 8 or 9 ft wide)
one was rebuild with front slotted blade and all new hard ware and bearings, in 2013, and was last used in 2013 fall planting!.
second one is an older one, all blades are in good shape, but its a light weight disc and as such I never really used it, so its been sitting for the past 20 yrs or so

Two, Spring Harrows,
one is 9+ foot wide, other is for an ATV and is only 3 ft wide, I also have spare parts for both of these, including an extra frame for another ATV one, and all parts to put it together.

Two old hay wagons, one is in excellent condition, and second one is, well, JUST a frame now, all wood was removed and the tires are dry rotted, BUT all metal is solid on frame and like parts, just needs to new tires and decking and would be good again!

One 2 row bottom plow (set up for use on the 340 tractor) good condition

One 10 ft double row culti packer, excellent condition

One Old new Holland Grain drill, in good condition

One OLD New Holland Corn Harvester head. in OK condition, hasn't been used in about 25 yrs

Two Old Brain elevators Ok shape, haven't been used in a good 20+ yrs

Now for some other items
One 14 ft aluminum row boat, semi V excellent shape
One OLD canoe, haven't measured it, But its from the 60's and garage kept since new, so in great shape
One old wood stove good condition
One Snow blower, last used in 2007, but ran fine before parked in garage!
One Riding lawn mower, Last used in 2013, when also parked in garage

One 1969 Chevy 3/4 Ton 1x4 truck, garage kept since new, with only 45,000 original miles on it, stick shift and V-8 motor
excellent condition, last used in 2006, been in the garage more or less since the 90's never leaving the farm

One 1948 REO Speed Wagon 5+ ton truck, also bought new and garage kept since new, with only 28,000 mile on it, in excellent condition, hasn\t been used since the early 70\s and just sitting in the garage ever since! been using rear flat bed as a shelf ever since, BUT ran great when parked so??

here are a few pictures of the above items
and like I said, I have SOME interest in some items, BUT nothing solid yet, and would love to sell all the farm like things in a lump sum to make moving it all easier for me
As I only have 30 days from July Second to remove all items off this property. WHAT I don't sell before having to move(say by Aug 3 rd or so) is heading to a friends farm auction On Sept 2 nd, where I expect it all to go, one thing at a time
ALL item right now are located at Zip code 18222 Drums PA
But as I remove items to a friends farm they will be at zip code 18220 (Deleno PA) about 30 miles south of where there at now! and where the auction will be on Sept 2 nd , He will have a LOT of assorted items in his auction too, if anyone has interest in farm auctions??

06-29-2015, 10:54 AM
and some more pic's
and I forgot there is also an OLD generator, NOT sure the make yr or model, OR if it even works, ITS been parked where it sits now for 25+ yrs??

06-29-2015, 10:58 AM
some more pic's

06-29-2015, 11:02 AM
and again a few more?

06-29-2015, 11:11 AM
and then the last of what I have handy, Don't have any of the spring harrows, hat wagons, 2 bottom plow or wood stove, but will soon if anyone cares?

07-04-2015, 12:57 PM
A lot of good stuff there. Just no $$ to even worry about it all though LOL

07-05-2015, 10:13 AM
Wow you have a lot of stuff shame I don't have land to use it on

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07-05-2015, 01:08 PM
Thanks, But that's just a small list of some of the things I have there, I have until July 25th to remove from this farm
I also have most of the same like things at my hunting camp, about a 100 miles away from this farm, SO, I really don't need this stuff now I lost this farm, and well, not even hunting anymore SO//
up for sale it goes
and I'm trying to NOT have to move it twice, so, if I can have a buyer come and get it and remove it off the farm, it makes my life easier, BUT IF not, its going to a friends farm till the auction in Sept

the biggest/hardest item to replace IF I ever wanted to will be the double row culti packer,as there really are not many out there to be had
SO< almost want to hold onto it LOL, as it works for rolling driveways after rains or spring thaw
BUT if I can sell the whole lot in a bulk deal, it goes too!
16+ yrs of making food plots on this farm with this stuff, so know it all works well for food plots!

07-07-2015, 09:19 AM
Just out of curiosity what are you asking for the trucks?

07-07-2015, 09:54 AM
right now I have them listed at 2500 for the chevy, and 7500 for the REO
I Have like 25+ guys saying they want the chevy, BUT haven't had a chance to show anyone it, due to its on a farm I don't live on , and I can only be on farm when owner is there, and they been being jerks about it
I have to set up some dates of when they can be there so I can just get it out of there,so, I don;'t need them,
WAS hoping to just keep it in the garage and sell from there, but its NOT working out that way
I was told yesterday, MAYBE this week, end, SO< I have a LONG list of guys planning to look at it first dates I get, and either they will buy and take that day, OR I will have a trailer there ready to remove and relocate it to a place I have 24/7 access to it
the REO, is also there in same garage, and same above deal???
but a bunch bigger of a truck, need to maybe get a larger roll back in or?? again, MAYBE have a buyer just come look and remove it that what ever day I get to show it
as I have 2 guys now that say they want it, but yesterday I had some access to show that, and was more worried about selling that then the chevy, called them and both were out of town and couldn't make it??

so, I spent every minute I was there removing other things of mine, and there is a LOT, filled several trailers and trucks up several times and only made a small dent, and everything HAS to be removed by end of month.

SO< trucks are in NE PA, right now at zip code 1822, and IF I have to relocate them, they will be at 18220, a few miles south of where there at now

07-09-2015, 04:04 PM
Thanks for replying. How close are you to Horsham?

07-09-2015, 04:38 PM
I am about 80 miles north of there, a good 1.75 hrs drive give or take pending traffic, I will gladly gibe you a deal on things if you want some, ONLY main deal I have is I have to, or I should say will NOT separate the 340 tractor from the 2 point fast hitch implements, they all get sold together, OR I will keep them, as if I sell tractor without them, it will make selling them implements harder for me and don't want the hassle
the rest I will sell individually or in a package or???
IF I base everything on average LOW side of what others are TRYING to sell like items for, it adds up to almost 14 k alone on just the farm tractors and implements
the trucks I THINK I have sold, have a guy coming tomorrow that might take both, and have a guy MAYBE coming for the one HAY wagon tomorrow and also, another guy tomorrow coming to look at the grain elevators
SOLD the wood stove being sold in an hr, to a buddy
I think I must be nuts, but don't really need it
it was bought NEW in 1978, and then stuck in a barn, NEVER even used ONCE or hooked up
had some surface rust on it, I spent all day yesterday cleaning it up with a wire wheel, and then some 2,000 degree stove paint, gave it a few coats
and then sold it for $300.00 to a buddy, But I sunk 80 into it in paint and wire wheels and about 8 hrs of my time, I am sure I could have sold it for more, BUT< hey, what are fiends for?? LOL
here is a before and after pic's
Forgot to take pic before I strapped it down, and will be delivering it in about an hr LOL

07-13-2015, 11:07 AM
just an update
sold a few things
the chevy truck is gone,
the hay wagons are gone,
the grain elevators are gone
the welder is gone
Disc's MIGHT be sold, Guy plans to come this week some time to look?

But rest is still for sale
the harrows and culti packer can be used behind an atv for making food plots, in case anyone cares LOL