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05-26-2015, 03:55 PM
Ok here's a few pic's from my backyard over the past few days

have a lot of bears this yr again, 9 different one's so far, and I tend to get more come late summer early fall, SO< a LOT of bears guess they were lucky to sleep thru winter as they do, and not have to fight all the deep snow we had this past winter, and sure there were a lot of dead deer they got to snack on when they came out, as winter kills should have been high with the bad winter I had here

05-26-2015, 04:04 PM
and a couple more, feel free to add some pic's of your own guys
I know its slow here, so??
most folks like pic's, cannot just be me posting them here LOL

05-27-2015, 07:00 AM
How much land do you own or lease with the amount of animals I would have to say a few or you live way out away.from everybody with a forest around you

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05-27-2015, 09:41 AM
I don't own much land where this cam is set up, but its rural , my whole town only has like 30 homes in it LOL
its one road and its a dead end.
behind me is a few thousand acres, and across the street from me is a few thousand more
BUT I have 3 homes less than 150 yards from mine here.
so its NOT like I am not near others and all remote like.
I just have lots of wildlife here due to there is a lot of planted food near me, and on my land as well

critters travel thru my place all the time going from food plot to water, plus I run a feeder a few months out of the yr too, and bird feeders all ur. just the bird feeders alone draw wildlife all the time, they smell the seeds and come to itry and eat them, they hang now about12 ft high, on a 155 ft pully system, out of reach from all but birds, even tree rats don't get to them, BUT the birds will drop a lot of seeds picking out the best one's first, so that leaves crumbs all the timer under them, and bears LOVE bird seeds,even crumbs of them, so I get lots of bears it seems due to bird seeds
have about a 50 acre clover field behind my house, on a gun clubs property, whick draws bears a lot this time of yr too,
have lots of wild strawberries too, then come soon, blue berries will get out, then apples and fruit tree'a/grapes
and what ever food plots the club does every yr.
No shortage of food here yr round,
have food, and you will always have wildlife.
its no secret, animals live to eat and eat to live, there all suckers for food
bears tend to live long, average bear here is about 8 to 10 yrs old , with many living to be close to 20
so, they learn where things are, and I honestly think they share info.lol
as many many times seen them travel together, and they always seems to bring several mates here come mating season
and then they just remember that info, and come back yr after yr.
its also why they seem to learn people and there habits.
and or get used to people like me,
some bears see me out side a lot, and see I don't bother them, and they grow more used to me, as more yrs go by, they even get some what friendly, some will walk over to me and almost in a wierd way say hello/
then move on
its NOT all bears are friendly or such, as there not, its just in time, some do get used to me here, they can tell me apart from friends too
as if a friend is here they will run off as soon as they see, or more likely smell them, and can tell me from them, I can walk outside and they will not care, friend steps outside and they run LOL
its kinda funny
but its nice to me to have wildlife here as often as I do,
I've been lucky to have lived my whole life in places like this where wildlife is about me almost daily, learned a lot due to it.
and still lucky to have it here now.
for sure gave me an advantage when I started hunting I think, actually found hunting to be rather easy, being a more trophy like hunter, was another story LOL
more I think due to just so few trophy like bucks in places I hunted, for sure in my home state, were big bucks were super rare,
but I live on a small piece of land here, just have lots of forested like lands surrounding me more or less

07-20-2015, 03:36 PM
Really cool pics... I have yet to get a Coyote on Trail Cam and we have no Bears around here. All I have is deer and turkey.

10-16-2015, 12:59 PM
Little late but your place reminds me a lot of my late Grandfather's property. He only had about 5 acres or so, but land surrounding his place. He only had 1 neighbor within 1000 yards or so, pretty quiet, tucked back in the woods. He was retired and would garden, landscape, etc. He was always outside. It was cool to see the animals almost like his pets. It was also pretty neat that the animals would go about their business until you would stop and become quiet. They notice that and always seemed to put them on edge almost. Very cool pictures and always interesting to read on here.

10-16-2015, 04:14 PM
sounds like your Grandfather had a good way of living and a nice place too

my critters here don't pay any attention to me if I stp working or make extra noise
there pretty casual about me
BUT if anyone shows up or walks near my place they DO get on edge or take off
I swear they know me now by smell, and as long as they don't smell anyone new, there careless about me

I am sure many of the bears here I could walk up and grab if I wanted to LOL
no desire to try that

but many have walked up to me and rubbed up against me like a big does does when he says HELLO!

I find it pretty cool, but gather some wouldn't!