View Full Version : WANTED! Land to lease in central/SE/Southern Ohio

04-26-2015, 10:56 PM
I'm seeking a 100+ acre lease in the Muskingum/Licking county area or S or SE Ohio. Will consider a smaller tract if the habitat and potential is good. My brother and I have over 30 years combined leasing experience and practice QDM. We're ethical, trustworthy, responsible and will always honor ALL of the landowners wishes. We are interested in a long term lease with the right landowner and property. If interested, please respond with property details. Thanks!

04-26-2015, 11:31 PM
well not sure if you ever been on Base Camp Leasing, But they get a lot of lease's all over


04-27-2015, 12:39 AM
I've actually leased a few farms through basecamp leasing. It's becoming such a rat race on there though and more and more difficult to obtain a lease now a days. Thanks for the info though, it's much appreciated!

04-27-2015, 07:10 AM
I hear you on lease's getting harder to come by, and prices of them getting higher and higher too. But just seems to be the way of the hunting world today.
folks seem to NOT want to hunt public lands, I get it, nothing sucks more than to travel far, and have someone show up, qnd ruin/waste your time, hunting.
Bob that runs, or used to run base camp leasing was a nice guy when I knew him, been yrs since we chatted, he started in on this game, yrs back, and its grew into a much bigger business.

Anyways, do a search on this site, a few weeks/months back, there were some treads about lease's open. Didn't pay much attention to them, so not sure where in Ohio, but maybe there still open??

not sure if you ever tires placing an add in local newspapers in area's you'd like to hunt. Never know; might be worth a try?
or even, try local Agway's./feed stores in area's, many have boards in them for free adds and such, where you can ask. Things on the web, go fast, where as locals, might NOT know as much, or just never been asked to lease before ,and in today's economy, maybe might be more willing to lease now than ever?

04-27-2015, 09:29 PM
Definitely the way things are now a days, harder to find a place to hunt and if you can it's costly. Thanks for all the advice, all great options! Thanks again, much appreciated!

04-28-2015, 05:56 PM
well I think its more the way morern folks look at hunting, than how it has to be
there are still TONS of great public lands, and sad that so many folks actually bash public lands as much as they do
ONE bad experience and they HATE them??
I have hunted both for 30+ yrs, and have had BAD experiences on both Prime private lands and public lands, Only difference is, on private lands SOME times you have recourse of actions, BUT many, MAYBE too many times, they don't get enforced, due to folks NOT wanting to spend the time or money it takes to enforce trespassing
SO< even with a lease, there is NO for sure deal with NO one walking in on you, YET so many feel its the ONLY way to hunt, SAD
as again, many places still have prime public lands, all the more so in , states like Ohio
I'd bet about half the BIG bucks killed in Ohio, come off public lands every yr, or maybe more?
NOT saying having a good lease or owning land isn't great, as it iss and sure can be a better investment(buying land in way better for investment for sure) in time in the woods
But its NOT really needed, and the more folks that buy into it is needed for any good time hunting, the higher the price tags will be to get some??
its like biting the hand that feeds you, more you want it, the more it cost you to get it LOL

04-28-2015, 09:17 PM
I know there's good opportunities on public land, you hear of guys having success ever year. I guess if you have the time to scout and the skills and knowledge to find a good area it could definitely be worth while. I have hunted public land several years and have just NEVER been able to avoid the heavy pressure from other hunters... and that's with doing pre season scouting and going off the beaten path that you would think many wouldn't take. Not to mention having to worry if your stands going to be there when you arrive, It's a shame how some people are now a days with not respecting or caring about their fellow hunters. Obviously deer don't know the difference between public and private land but they do clearly recognize pressure and there's no comparison between the two in my opinion. I know you can deal with issues on private land, trust me, I've dealt with my share but I guess it's just my preference if I'm able to find something that works for me. When you only have a limited amount of days to pursue your passion you want to give yourself your best opportunity. NOT saying that can't happen on public land. I hear ya though on the leasing thing getting out of control. The more that do it, myself included, it becomes harder and harder to find something and becomes more and more expensive. In my search I came across a guy with 30 acres who wanted $5000. Ridiculous on SO many levels!! The days of knocking on people's doors seems to be a thing of the past and the landowners know they can get decent money to lease out their land. I can't even imagine what it will cost years from now seeing how it's already SO expensive. Hunting deer is turning into a rich man's sport, especially if your going the leasing route or want to book a hunt somewhere. I'm FAR from rich but will continue to pursue my passion as long as I'm able to. Is what it is I guess.

04-29-2015, 12:44 AM
Yes I hear you, days of knocking on doors is harder now than ever, but still possible.
I blame law suits on a lot of that loss to, seems some folks, like to sue when they get hurt, wanting a land owner to pay cause they did something stupid or??
And sadly, court systems reward some of them too, making land owners shy to say yes, then add in many slob hunters, leaving trash or stealing, or worse shooting farmers live stock or equipment. That's a big one up my way, and caused a ton of farmers to stop letting folks hunt.
and then add in they can lease it and get paid, and its not easy no more LOL
modern age , the world wide too that last into more places than anything LOL

limited hunting time, is always hard, but again, the trick to me to beat crowds on public lands is hunt the early season, the rut is what brings the crowds, or gun season, there hard to get away from others on public lands, that's for sure.
but it can be done, and you can even use crowds to your advantage at times, use them to steer deer to you, done it many times over the yrs!
At some point, I look at costs to lease, and then look at full outfitted hunts, at some point, a outfitted hunt might be cheaper, and you can get prime spots, food plots and so on?
not have to do the dirty work too. Even though, that work I enjoy on private lands I hunted, building plots and setting up cams/stands, and more or less using my skills to get me on deer. Where an outfitter? Does most of that.
BUT, many outfitters lease lands too, some for a week or so. So, if you know of any in area's you like, you can try asking them to lease you a section, for a few weeks a yr or?
I've done that before, in Missouri, where I leased a thousand acres. And a house for 2 weeks,, did a week with the bow and then a week with the rifle, as its a.2 Buck state, cost me 1500 for.the 2 weeks, but, was OK with it, killed 2. Bucks, so?