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03-26-2015, 12:58 PM
well had my first spring bear here last night, was up on the deck sucking up bird seeds, so time to start hanging them higher again!

this is a SMALL male, 2 yr old bear, he was left alone, something must have happened to its mother, as its been alone since small here, and it almost froze to death this past winter, was here on second week of jan 2015, and was shivvering so bad, I thought for sure it was going to die, as it just didn't seem to know to hibernate, and was well below zero here, -40 like wind chills for weeks
SO< he looks good now, Mother nature must have kicked in to get him some place warmer to sleep for 2 month, and I'm glad, hate seeing critters suffer as it was!

Oh well, here are a few pic's off a trail cam in the yard!

03-27-2015, 01:59 PM
Still pretty cool to have them suckers hanging around like that. Never gets old.

03-27-2015, 02:08 PM
I agree, its to me a big plus to live here and get to see all the critters I do so often
Last night I walked outside to take trash out and he was sitting on my deck, I was about 3 feet from hime when I came out my door , the poor little guy about craped himself, didn't know what way to run or what to do, and just bolted off the deck and up a tree, I was laughing my a$$ off, and acctually felt bad, I scared him, as I know he's had a rough time this winter, and its still cold here and NO real food about for him to live off, he came out WAY eary, should have slept another month when green up starts and food is there for him.

poor guy again without having had a mother to teach him things, has been finding out the hard way.

BUT I have a corn feeder going still so he'll make it this yr for sure if on nothing but corn
but its still cold and icy here

here's a pic from last night too, OR shoudl say this morning!

03-27-2015, 02:49 PM
Cool pictures. I like bears as long as they keep their distance. I am not crazy about being up close and personal with them, they are too powerful.

03-27-2015, 03:17 PM
yes even the small one's ahev some un real strength, and come with 20 claws and big teeth LOL

BUt like I said many time,s most bears never let you get too close to them, and are LONG gone before you even know ther were there!
HERE in my area, guys like me that spend a LOT of time in the yard and proiperty and well, having food plots so many fruit tree's and just food almost yr round bears here get to know people better maybe, MAYBE
they seem to adjust to us and can tell us apart from smell and sight, and since as the yrs go by we don't bother them really, they seem more OK about us in certian yards and such, and will let you get closer, or they will just come closer to you
NO danger really, they just don't feel the need to run I guess
some will even walk up to me and let me pet them LOL
spooky I bet for flks that don't have much time about them, but to me, I don't even think much about it these days
I never will say I trust them a 100%, but I don't fear them I respect them and don't give them reasons to do anything bad! or startle them, and siuch
been 35+ yrs of this here and never an issue
wildlife can adapt to humans I think better than many humans can adapt to them!
also there is a BIGH differnce to walking up to a random bear than one's like I get here in the yard, that I have history with LOL
any wild bear in the wild that is trying to get close to you , isn't a good thing LOL

but again, thats a pretty rare deal!

03-28-2015, 10:50 AM
here are a couple more pic's got some snow last night too?? spring is away's off here for sure, just 18 degree's right now, and a white gound again LOL