View Full Version : a couple deer

02-17-2015, 02:08 PM
well while I was out yesterday I set up a trail cam over one of the flower bulb pile's they dump out to feed the deer in the winter time behind my place, about 1.5 miles from my back door thru the woods! LOL

I guess this cold and deep snow, there isn't much else to eat, as the deer are hammering these piles, there are about 5-6 of them, about 7+ tons a pile too, spread out every 1/2 mile or so on there lands

I know I run a feeder in my back yard all winter, and today, the deer were HUNGRY, as they didn't even care I was plowing snow , was plowing about 8 ft from them and didn't even care LOL

all the bucks seem to have shed there antlers now, NOT a single buck in the 800 plus pic's had any, all could see, where off!
so might be time to go look for some!