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02-03-2015, 09:51 PM
So after tagging my first two deer last season ( season #5 for me), both with my bow, I had high hopes to tag a big 8 that was all over my cameras this year. As it turns out, the only shot I had all season was on a beefy doe, who came to within 25yds of my stand, but kept one tiny branch between us. I was at full draw, and let down afraid I might make a bad shot if I hit the twig. I think if I could do it again, it would let it fly. That was opening day. So I am whipping up a batch of Tag Soup after I post this. That said, I have to say, despite not getting a deer this year, I had a great season. I started the season scouting hard ( public land ). My camp mates and I set up some strategic stands and had TONS of bucks on camera. I got to spend many days in the woods with buddies, and even a day or two with my oldest in our new 2man stand! I saw several sunrises and sunsets in the deer woods. I watched the woods come alive. Saw dozens of Turkeys, a few deer, and even a coyote ( tried to call him in). I had close encounters with many birds and squirrels. While I did not tag a deer, I got to spend more time in the woods than any previous year, thanks to an understanding wife. In the end, two of my friends took deer. For one, it was his first in 17 years ( he sold all his hunting gear after his father died ). I was honored that he took it up again and that he hunts with me and enjoys our camp. Another friend - who has been coming down from Michigan for three years to hunt with us - got his first deer ever! I got to experience both, which in my book is almost as good as putting my own down. My Michigan buddy shot his pretty far in so we did a "water extraction" with a canoe that we bought this year for scouting and just such a scenario. It was quite a sight, Navy Seals we are not. I hunted up to the end of the season, and rather than feeling disappointed - I feel blessed. Blessed to be healthy enough to walk the woods and hunt, and to see things that most people don't get to experience. I didn't start hunting until I was 36. But I hope to continue every year. While my goal is to learn more ( thanks to you all for helping) and get better, my true wish is to pass on the passion to my two sons. And as us Cleveland Browns fans say often.... There is always next year! Have a great off-season all....

02-04-2015, 12:30 AM
Great post. Getting the deer is only a small part of the numerous rewards that come with hunting. Especially if you get to enjoy it with the company of others.

02-12-2015, 06:45 PM
There is no place like the woods. It can be a place to be alone or a place where life long friendships are made. Some people think we as hunters are all blood thirsty killers. As your post says, there is so much more than the kill. Enjoyed your post alot !!

02-12-2015, 07:40 PM
I agree, a season's success is and never should be based on kills alone
BUT on a different note, to me the season never ends, I didn't hunt this past yr, but I never stopped spending time in the woods
as a fact, I went for a nice ride on the 4 wheeler looking for sheds, and came across a set of coyote tracks, seemed a pair of coyotes had a kill and it was taking the two of them to carry it off, had a major blood trail between there two sets of tracks
I guess I startled them, as the tracks were not theer when I went in and about 10 minutes later there they were in my tracks
as with 2+ ft of snow, there using my trails to get about on, same with deer
I plowed about 5 miles of trails thru the woods and logging club roads, and the deer and critters are using them like hi ways!
been traveling them a few times a week, hoping to find a shed bettwen feed sites and bedding area's

so to me, the time in teh woods is a yr round thing, it allows you to see things you don't get to see, many times while hunting, as no worrys about booting deer or gettting busted, being out there in the off season
and heck you can learn alot about deer movements too!