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01-28-2015, 02:50 PM
OK so was out plowing some walking trails, about 5 miles of trails, trying to keep them open till the coyote contests
and then went by to check a few of my sets and trail cam I set up pver the one

got these 3 bucks with there antlers still on, been below freezing here for over a month now, so I think I can rule out COLD temps being a reason they shed sooner?? as if cold got them off, they should all be off by now???

next was cool to get two redtail hawks on cam at one
and I finally got me a coyote on cam , not a bad one either, maybe upper 30 lb range or so
Looking for bigger, know there here, but every one is worth a 100 bucks in the contests so??
2 more weeks, and time to start hunting them!

01-28-2015, 02:53 PM
1089710898here are a few more

01-28-2015, 02:59 PM

01-29-2015, 01:25 PM
Looks like the bucks I saw all year spikes and 4pts

01-29-2015, 01:37 PM
well there is an 8 and and a 6 in there LOL, small but, I guess legal in PA>

my bigger buck I had here got shot last day of rfle season, scored in the 130's, I had hoped he would have made it one more season, just to see what he turned into next yr, but that last day, with the warmer temp and all the snow had the gun club members out in force doing drives all day
was like WW2 here must have heard a good 100+ shots behind my place, like a war zone it was LOL
or the older opening days we used to have !

02-23-2015, 10:46 AM
We are still holding here in central Ohio as well

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02-23-2015, 02:25 PM
Anyone no how to start new threads from iPhone 4 on tap talk computer is busted

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02-25-2015, 09:53 PM
Saw a little 6 point outside of marrysville Ohio today I guess they haven't all dropped yet

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