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01-13-2015, 01:29 PM
Hello all, I'm looking for someone to do some brush-hogging and some disking come this spring. I have about 10-15 acres in Guernsy County that I'd like to get ready for food-plots. I will pay cash. Or maybe let you hunt the farm.
Please text me at 301-331-3923

01-13-2015, 02:40 PM
well cannot help with actually doing the work, your too far away.
BUT my suggestion to you would be to try and talk to the local farmers in your area, they might be both willing to disc and even plant"X" crops for you too, PLUS they might even know who does bulk lime in your area, saving you a lot of $$ if your using bags for food plots
NEXT suggestion is, if your NOT a National Turkey Federation Member
look into joining
they offer discount seeds for wildlife food plots, at HUGE Savings, I been buying $350+ bags of corn for 25 bucks a bag or less for yrs!, BIG time savings on food plots makings, the seed need to be pre ordered, and that dead line will be coming up soon
costs like 25 bucks a yr to join, and get other benefits
PLUS they too can some times help with getting you help to build plots, can maybe direct you to someone willing to disc your fields

contact your local game warden, he also might be able to help you, if , for food plots
as they do also work with land owneers too, there are soem programs , where you sign up into, for land restoration, soil restoration , where the state can send in a planner, and they will over view your lands, and make recommendations, and IF you go with them they will pay for a percentage of the costs and labor to do so!

just some food for thought if your NOT aware of these things!

Good luck!
I will be selling this spring two tractors and two disc's, and a cultipacker
but I'm way up here in PA, or maybe could give you a deal??
and then you could have your own equipment ??
OH well, being a non resident of ohio, has its down sides, on an Ohio forum LOL