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12-31-2014, 09:59 AM
(I know this is a bit early but thought I would throw it out there anyway.)

I have been hunting for awhile but never got into shed hunting. I bought some land this summer and now have the space to get out and look for sheds. I have heard some tips on when an how to hunt for them but being new I thought I would ask for any advice. One trick I recently was told was to string about 6ft of wire fence between two trees and pour corn at the base of it. Then the bucks will come in to eat it and the fence will knock off their antlers making it easier to find. Sounds plausable so I thought I would try that. Any other ideas or when the best time to start looking is?

12-31-2014, 06:28 PM
well after yrs of being a hunter and ched hunter
all I can say is, NOTHING beats boot time walking area's deer live and bed, or feed
they can shed antlers any time from early Dec till late March
I have seen all sorts of so called ways of helping a buck shed its antlers and , to date non are all that great

her is food for thought, and a problem I have had a few times
I have built feeders that, as in your string deal, I have added bungee cords to do like deals
and YES it has dropped a few sheds
BUT sadly, I never got them, DAM tree rats have taken them before I got there
set up trail cam's over feeders got pic's in snow with antlers on ground, and by the time I again get there, sheds are gone, NO human tracks about, so a critter took em

thus the problem with having corn feeders , they attrach more than just deer??

BY far the best and most sheds I ever find are in food plots, far from tree line's, rats don't lik being in the open in winter time it seems OR eat turnips and such,
where as I tend to get more deer in food plots, and as such, more sheds, WINTER food plots work the best, be them standing beans(if you can get them to last till winter that is LOL)
turnips/Oats, or corn, all get my vote as the best places to find sheds
second best will be on trail leading to late season foods
all the better if you can have a few creek crossing or fence's they have to jump over
and then look about after they land

MY next idea I was planning, BUT never got to it yet, was to build a double fence set up in a food plot and then add a feeder to the middle of it

Like that orange construction fencing, that is about 4 ft tall, make one big circle, and then a second smaller circle inside the first one
This making deer jump over the fence twice to get to feeder, and then twice to get out
and then, also making it HARDER for aanything to carry off the sheds before I get there to collect them
the place I planned to do this, I lost acccess to, but it was an idea I had and think would work pretty well
as I think jumping helps them things come off the best over other things!

other wise, train a dog, or get the kids involved, they are closer to the ground and have younger legs to cover lots of ground LOL
walk all the places deer bed and eat, and trails between the them
and DUMB luck , you might find a few!
walk in grinds too, better many times to cover a GOOD area very well, than just walk randomly for more miles!
best of luck to you!

01-03-2015, 08:37 AM
Go slow. Then slow down.Concentrate on antlers. If your mind drifts STOP. If you're not focused you will walk right by them.