View Full Version : Newbie from N.C.

12-21-2014, 09:05 PM
Hi. I am new to the forum, and from out of state, but I plan to visit often to learn more about Ohio bowhunting. I am planning a DIY on public land in 2015 and want to learn as much as I can before then.

EHD has wiped out the majority of the deer on the club that I joined this year in N.C. There are only 4 deer that have been registered on roughly 2,000 acres of land all season. 2 bucks and 2 does. I killed an average racked buck 3 weeks ago, but it jumped into a high creek and drowned after I shot it. The water was about 14 feet deep and flowing fast and took the deer away never to be found again. That technically was the 5th deer.

I don't plan to join the club next year and want to put the money towards my hunt in OH.