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The cooler fall weather is a sign that hunting season is in full swing. With an overwhelming amount of trophy whitetail deer in Texas, Texas has become one of the preferred states for trophy whitetail hunting. While whitetail deer are the prized game in south Texas hunts, it is important for hunters to learn more about the creature they are working so hard to hunt.

The whitetail deer, native to America, ranges in size. Male deer can range anywhere from 60 to 400 pounds. While the female deer can round up to nearly 200 pounds. These large whitetailed deer make for a great trophy after an afternoon of Texas whitetail hunting. Whitetail deer are very adaptable. Whitetails can adapt to a variety of habitats that occur in different regions of the world and in different temperatures. In addition to living in forests, whitetail deer can be found living in Mexico, Canada and other states within the United States.

When it comes to diet, whitetail deer are known to be herbivores, which means that their diet is based primarily on plants found within nature. Some of the foods that whitetails enjoy eating are blades of grass, legumes, plants and acorns. Although whitetail deer are known to be herbivores, they have been known to occasionally eat field mice and small birds when available. Throughout the day, whitetails can often be found nibbling at the ground eating anything they can get their paws on.

When hunting whitetail deer it is important to take into account the deer's sense of smell. The sense of smell is by far the most powerful sense that deer possess. Compared to humans, deer show a heightened sense of smell. Deer have around 300 million olfactory receptors, while humans only possess around 5 million olfactory receptors. Animals are often known to have stronger sense of smell than humans, but deer not only possess a stronger nose than humans, but also dogs and cats. In order to accomodate a deer's sense of smell, it is best to mask your scent when hunting. For hunters it is important to lay off the perfume and cologne and hunt in conditions where wind is prevalent.

Whitetail deer are able to communicate to one another in a variety of ways. The most common use of communication occurs in the form of marking, scent, sound and the deer's body language.

When it comes to trophy hunting, humans are not the only ones on the prowl for whitetail deer. In their habitats, whitetails run into many predators. Some of the most common predators of whitetails include bobcats, wolves, cougars, bears, foxes and alligators.

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