View Full Version : first buck in weeks

11-19-2014, 08:36 PM
wel, this yr bucks have been far and few in my yard, very odd, normally have a bunch that come to either the feeder or for the apples
but this yr, nothing but doe and yearlying's??

so last f3 days ago, I put out a few OLD rut scent wafers from HS. that I found looking for something, forgot I even had them !
there them plastic waffle holes type one that come in a sealed case, come in earth scent, and rut and Pine scents!
I stuck them all out in front of the cam and got this guy alooking, I guess or dumb luck and he was just looking for apples maybe??
as the apple trees are just to the right of the cam?
A regular Pa giant too! LOL
but the first buck I have had in the yard in awhile