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11-14-2014, 03:44 PM
Since deer urine is like the price of liquid gold, I have a question. I bought one bottle of estrus urine and one bottle of dominant buck urine. I used them both only one time so they still have quite a bit in them. If I refrigerate them will they still be good next year? Just curious if any one knows the actual shelf life when refrigerated?

11-14-2014, 07:27 PM
Cant recall where, but I read that they should be used in the season they were bought. I did the same thing this year Buck Urine and doe estrus... can't say it helped, but who knows. Maybe defer to the companies website for more clarity?

11-14-2014, 07:51 PM
I bought a big 16 oz bottle of real pee this year from a guy at work who has a connection. I bought it to start and maintain scrapes with but anyways he told me that I should have enough left over at the end of the season to start scrapes again next year with, until a new fresh shipment arrives. But he told me whatever I have left over this year put it in the freezer until next season. He said it will help it stay fresh throughout the summer.

11-14-2014, 09:09 PM
well I Know for a fact it goes bad,
urine has lots of bacteria in it, and as time passes it breaks down, and changed what it smells like for sure LOL

IF you freeze it, that will help, but it will spoil as it thaw's
its why they sell it every yr and charge more for fresh, as to older??
many of the HIGH priced one's actually sell it and keep it cold from time taken till sold and even ship it cold???

My 2 cents, I gave up using pee scents
after several yrs and hundreds of dollars
I set up and ran trail cam's over about a half dozen of scent drippers( did several posts/tread here with pictures ocver the yrs too on what all I tried and done)
and filled them with about everything they sell at one time or another, and 99% of the pic's I got were of doe
and worse maybe
on active scrapes I was getting lots of buck pic's, as soon as I added the pee scents
my buck pic's stopped?
using so called HOT doe pee, estrus pee's( many brand names and makes) to active scrape scents, to apple juice and like flavored scents, bucks pee, and scents, gland scents, you name it I stuck it in a dripper! LOL

I don't buy em no more!, NOT saying they cannot work
but my experience says they do more harm than good ,more often frrom my point of view!
I rather be as scent free as possible, and that inclused the area I hunt!, unless a LIVCE hot doe walks by, that's that as good as it will ever get LOL

its commercialization marketing to sucker folks out of cash, if you ask me?? and its been working for yrs and a multi million dollar deal every yr!

bucks are on the tail of a hot doe when she is HOT, not following old be it a 2 day or 2 weeks old pee in a bottle ?? I don't care what they tell me on TV and magazines anymore! HAHA!

My suggestion to you is, buy a scent dripper and a stick it in front of a trail cam and see what you get??
that or give it to a hunter still hunting
I wouldn't waste my time trying to save it till next yr!
its going to go bad> sorry
but hunting isn't a cheap sport LOL