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11-03-2014, 10:54 AM
So for the first time, Sunday morning I saw a Coyote while in stand. I hunt a ridge ( facing up ward) and at about 8:15 a doe and two yearlings traversed the ridge from right to left at about 80yds. It's a common path - and I count on some coming down the ridge and wait in the funnel. 15 mins or so after I saw Momma and company, I saw something moving fast. Yote. He was actually going left to right, but on the exact same line as the deer that just went through. Not sure if it was coincidence or not. He was not in a sprint - but in a fast trot. I tried to stop him and draw him in with a doe bleat ( primos can) but he either didn't hear it or didn't care.

So here is my question. If you see a Yote - is your hunt over? Do the deer detect ( smell ) when a predator has been in the area and avoid it? I stayed in stand for another hour or two and shut it down. Anybody have any experience with this - right to walk or would you have stayed?

11-03-2014, 11:26 AM
deer and coyotes live in the same area's all the time, if a deer left the area due to smelling a coyote, they would all be gone from the woods in most states LOL
it comes down to IMO< more to each deer and what experiences they have with coyotes, adult deer, I think can rather care less
pending HOW Much pressure there under from them, if you have a crap load of coyotes and are always after deer, deer will be more alert to there scent
in normal hunting conditions, I wouldn't worry about it at al
over the yrs I have shot and killed coyotes , left them lay and then killed a deer in a few hrs, and thats with a dead coyote laying 30-50 yrds from me?
I have seen both deer and coyotes in food plots at teh same time, ignoring each other
have had deer and coyotes walk down teh same paths within minutes off and on all day long a few times too, they share the same trails!

have had many many coyotes walk past my deer decoys and pay no attention to it too!, and had a few come and check it out, but never got too close, there pretty smart!
its a woodland, all things live in there, they all know each other lives there
wouldn't worry about it
just hunt
HECK< maybe that coyote will move deer to you! works both ways

and as for the coyote moving fast, thats how they move, you seldom will ever see one moving slow, its NOT natural for them
unless trying to sneak up on a meal!
other wise they move at a fast pased walk, all wild K9's do this
it was US humans that stopped dogs from doing it to, making them wlak at our pace, actulayy bad for them, cause's hip and bone issue's
a dog was made to trot, not walk at a Man/womans/kids pace! LOL

11-03-2014, 04:59 PM
I believe it was in the 2009 season. I had a yote come barreling past my stand. Within a half hour I killed a very nice 8 pointer. Not sure if that answers your question but may help you decide what to do next time.

11-03-2014, 09:12 PM
If deer got scared every time they smelled a coyote there would be no deer on any of the places I hunt. Don't worry about them scaring deer.

11-03-2014, 09:37 PM
That's why I'm on this forum.... Thanks guys!