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11-01-2014, 05:23 PM
I get set up at 2:30 with a decoy etc. At 4:45 I see a truck drive up and park. Then a guy with camo walks in and starts climbing a tree 25 yards from me. Sees my decoy when he's halfway up and freezes. I had my phone out hoping to video him shooting my decoy. Eventually he realizes and sees me. Climbs up anyway. Almost falls out and now here we are 1077310774

11-01-2014, 05:49 PM
I hate when that happens, some folks just don't care
yrs ago, I came up with , some folks see you and still climb up, due to they think you know more than them, abnd it must be a good spot if your there!!
and want to use your experience to help them get a deer??

I always try to get there attetion before they get too close to me, and HOPE that gets the hint to them,
to go else where
but sadly, it doesn't always work, as you know!

some hunters give good hunters a bad image! ??

11-01-2014, 08:57 PM
i have that problem here. early season is good, and then these guys from penn. come in and sit in my stand hang theyres next to it put a blind under it. the list goes on and on. and they have no respect for property lines either. cant stand it

11-01-2014, 09:50 PM
Hey don't bash all hunters from Pa
I'm from Pa and Never ever do that and have more respect for property lines that most guys
slob hunters are sadly in alStates have had many guys, residents ofOhio, wlalk in on me on private land, as if they own it, so, it happens even when residents do it?
some times locals think they own everything too, or can go on all lands cause they grew up there? Just saying; Lol

11-02-2014, 04:02 PM
just the three. they actually hunted off theyre property and shot a deer on my buddies dads farm day before yesterday. these 3 guys are just the bottom 10% and yes every state,county,town,farm has them and its a shame. especially when you have guys that invest so much time scouting and preparing just to have gents like these walk in. the side they always tend to screw up is my best area but have learned that i can only hunt it till they come into town then have to migrate to another ridgline. its a shame. but they wave at you like best friends even when you comfront them while they sit in your stand.

11-02-2014, 05:00 PM
I feel the pains of slob hunters
the main place I hunted the pst 20 yrs, I had to deal with them all season, by the dozens some yrs, best was caught 9 a once all trespassing, trying to tell me they own the place??
and then I get the guys that like to sit right on the border too, and surround as much of the property as they can, they come in at prime hunting hr's
be it at first light or just fater, walk about yelling to each other, smiking and leaving trash behind, shooting deer and Never recovering them if they run more than 50 yrs, or they just don't even look for them at all, or to see if they hit them, they seem to think, if a deer doesn't fall over when shot, its OK???

Be glad though you are in Ohio, where at least your Game dept can enforce trespassing
here in PA< teh game dept, wouldn't even ask a hunter IF they have permission
never mind help you if you have issue's with trespassers
the farm I hunted in Ohio,. one yr had a few guys trespassing and killing and leaving deer dead behind
the local warden was so helpful I was shocked by how willing he was to help, compared to here in PA!(maybe thats why many Pa folks don't know what boundry lines are, they get away with it in PA all the time)
This is a subject that gets my blood pumping, and makes me wish at times I could shoot trespassers LOL
Maybe then they would get the message!, But sadly, thats NOT possible
here in PA< we have to(well if we want any expectation of it working) we have to post the hell out of boundry lines, Like I had a posted sign up every 15-25 ft all around the property, was never cheap to do, and every 3-4 yrs had to do again, as solb hunters tear them down?
But I do think it keeps a FEW from trespassing, NOT many, but makes for a harder excuse when I catch them, as they cannot say they didn't see the sign's!

ON a side note, a few yrs back I had a guy decided to climb a tree 30 yards from me
I just climbed down and sat under his tree, making all the noise in the world, figured my hunt was ruined, might as well make his too!
Guy sat till dark, and so did I, I think I cleared teh whole area of every stick on the ground, and rock, as I threw every thing I could get my hands on all about the area! LOL

I doubt he learned anything, but he never said a work to me?? maybe good, as I might have got in a fight !
I drove 17 hrs to get there?? for this jerk to ruin my hunt!
Land owner knew him, and called the cops on him too!, never seen him again, but?? it happens LOL

11-06-2014, 12:04 PM
Was the stand already there?? If not I wouldn't have given him the opportunity to strap a stand on a tree if he was only 25 yards away. Private property or public??

11-06-2014, 07:12 PM
I would like to say I'm surprised but I'm not.

11-07-2014, 06:59 AM
I am glad it was cleared up about not every Pa hunter is a slob. I am a Pa hunter who hunts both Pa and Ohio on private and public land. I always pick up trash where I see it when I park. even if It is a carton of empty beer cans knowing it was from youngsters parking and drinking beer at night. back to the subject I sat up for Pa gun opener 2yrs. ago got to my spot early with flash light. before light I see another flash light coming my way so I take mine out and flash it towards the guy to let him know I am there. that was a mistake because he sets up maybe 30yds from me. when it gets light I wave to him and give him a arms in the air gesture like what's up with this. not long after light a small 4pt. not legal for me in Pa comes by me and then a little later a nice doe comes to my left away from the other hunter and I shoot it. I call my 2 brothers on the radio and we track it and find it. I tell them the same story about the other hunter. I know it was public land and a hunter could sit 5 feet from me and it would be legal but have a little respect for your fellow hunter whether you know him or not.