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Genesis 9:3
10-20-2014, 12:15 PM
I've read the threads on how high to put a stand, but never on how far away from the trail or "spot" -with "spot" being where you expect the deer to stop and smell the roses? I'm starting to wonder if I am sitting way too close to were I expect to see them... I'm comfortable shooting out to 30yds, maybe 35yds, at a deer, even though I can shoot longer at my target. Let's not turn this into a "how far is too far" conversation... I read that thread too!

I've never had anyone show me how to do it and I'm only in my 4th season hunting... having a hard time finding any kind of mentor.
I've always seem to have trouble with the deer looking up in the tree at me. I understand it is a complex mix of different things that play into this, but the most obvious ones are movement and smell. If they come in and smell me, they are on alert (even after smoking/spraying down). The issue is that even when I don't move, they look up in the tree at me and wonder what I am. It's hard to shoot a deer that's looking at you! (I've never tried, just for the note)

I typically sit in my climbing stand until I see deer or hear one approaching. Then I try to stand up, but often times have to stay seated just to keep from making noise or moving so they don't see me. I've tried standing for hours on end... but that has it's limitations.

10-20-2014, 01:43 PM
I have the same problem. U start out sitting then deer come in and look up right at u i sit still till they move away from me then make my move. I sit in a ladder stand 15ft up. My other ladder which is 20 ft don't seem to have much problems with getting busted. I too am learning on my own. Both stands are with in 20 yards of trail.

10-20-2014, 07:30 PM
10-15 yards is good for me. after the leaves drop off the trees I use ground blinds still at 10-15 yards. My ears aren't so good that I can hear a dear coming. So I hunt by sight.

10-20-2014, 07:58 PM
gen, as far as the deer looking up at you, i try to find a tree that splits or that has some limbs or a group of trees that will provide cover, i also try to find a tree that has a small sapling close to it and after i climb to desired height i throw a rope and pull the small sapling to me and tie it to the tree l;m sitting in to provide cover, also i try to find a tree at least to same dia as i am or bigger to hide my silouete, never pick a tree smaller than you are, i also hunt climbing stands so if i see one over on the next ridge i can move for the next hunt,

10-20-2014, 08:17 PM
how far from where you think the deer will be, IMOP comes down to where the RIGHT tree is I can get in and out of without getting busted or seen
I personally think if your waiting to stand after the deer came into some what range, you wasted your best chance to get up
the farther out they are, the better you can prepair, and that inclused standing up, or turning or???
trying to stand when deer are close is a lot harder due to they have excellent hearing and eye sight, they can pick up small movements and sounds you might not think your making
and the more you move the better they an pinpoint where the sounds are coming from, thus leading to them looking up at you!
being farther off a trail or spot they will be in helps
but then it makes for a longer shot maybe?
don't forget, too close is as bad as too far many times due to shot angle!
IF I was getting busted, I would try standing in prime hrs, say last hr of day light, first hr of day time
they have always been prime times for me!
next I would suggest trying to wear and use quietier gear, I was always extremely picky on what I would wear and take into the woods
something I think many folks over look at times
as I know when I walk thru cabela's I see a ton of gear I feel is LOUD, and would never wear, and some of it is top shelf stuff too!
high price doesn't mean always quiet in my book!
next if you can afford it, get a walker game ear, and listen to what noise your making
and try to get what you can quietier
be suprised what some cloth tape can do to deaden sound in spots, from on the treestand, to zippers to snaps to bow parts and so on!

I am a firm believer in adding cover to my stands
on climbers it can be done, just more creativity is needed
I used to add pine tree branches to the platform, with some zip ties
adds cover scent and cover
IF allowed, screw in steps and bow holders too can be used to add branches to a tree, to help break up your form
if you have a seat climber with a rail, can ad camo material, to help hide feet movement

and last, IF I get busted in a tree
I stay out of that tree awhile
no point in aking the deer smarter to you hunting them, MOVE
wait a few days, if when you go back, you get busted again??
find a new tree
when ever possible
I try to set up with the sun behind me too
so IF a deer looks up, they have the sun in there eye's
15 yrds is about as close to a spot I expect deer to be in, for a stand placement for me
and I also try to place stands set up for being a right hander as I am, meaning I want deer to come out on my left!, over my right when possible
learning shoot sitting down is also a good idea!, to help cut down on movement?
but limits shots a lot more than standing does!

10-21-2014, 04:14 AM
Learn and practice shooting sitting down. I can't remember the last time I shot a deer standing up. even in a blind you have to sit down and shoot. a deer believe it or not will pick a human out quicker when they are standing up. even when I am gun hunting I try to sit by a tree not stand by it, plus I can then use my knee to get a good solid rest when I shoot. the extra time and movement you are doing is that much more of a chance that the deer will pick you up.

Genesis 9:3
10-21-2014, 12:46 PM
Sure wish my dad had been able to teach me all this! Anyway... thoughts I'm immediately taking away from this:
- Get some practice shooting while seated, but that only works off the left side of my stand (elbow hits the tree behind me if I got to a fwd shot).
- Stand up for first and last hours of the day!
- Don't set up in the only tree I can find in the middle of a more open area in the woods! Be more picky about what trees I climb... which can be difficult with a climbing stand.

In response, I always try to stand up as soon as I see deer... the problem is that they sneaked up on me - sure would be nice if they would announce their approach! I also went in and picked a different tree to hunt from. As this was my first time on this property, I think there is room for improvement. Or maybe I just need to work on my sneak.

10-21-2014, 07:30 PM
yes deer sure can be sneaky suckers
I personally think the new ear amp's they sell are a great idea for archery, heven gun season to help hear them coming in, can also be in a muff to help keep ears warm too LOL

might besomething to look into
its also a good reason to try and buy the quietest gear you can , to help not drown out aproaching game, and give away your location
lots of things can be done to stands to hhelp make them mroe quiet too
I know my lone wolf , was Ok, but I found several area;s to make it better!

10-22-2014, 07:09 AM
I like to set up 15-20 yards off of a trail as it makes shoots easier and actually 20-30 yards are the sweet spot shooting out of my climber. I try to climb about 20' but I have also hunting out of 15-18 ladder stand with pretty good success. I try to find the right tree especially in my climber but I also dont want to be silhouetted when I move. So I try to pick spots with enough tree cover behind me so that I do not stick out. I have to stand to shoot out of my climber. I try to move when the deer have there heads down, are behind a tree or are looking away. I have only once gotten picked off up in a tree and that was during rifle season years ago.

10-22-2014, 10:38 AM
I got picked off again on Monday. Using a climber is often limiting. The ideal trees (ash/poplar etc) aren't very good at hiding. Not much tree cover where I hunt.