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10-16-2014, 10:30 AM
OK so I am not really a fan of watching hunting shows
BUT today/ this morning was killing some time and watched one

about 15 minutes the hunt, a BOW hunter took a quartering to shot, QUESTION that call right there , as deer was NOT alert or seemed to have a clue the hunter was there, hunter even stated so? was at 15 yards(per what hunter said) yet took a shot angle, he then states he shouldn't have taken??
and this is a deer over a bait eating , not nervous at all, JUST a matter of time to get a better angle, IF he waited!
OK so maybe excitement got the better?? ( but again this is a so called Pro hunter though???)
he decides to wait after the shot!(I agree lol)
they flash back and forth to him in the tree, and then an interview type Q&A on the deal!
in the tree he states,"ranged him at 15 yards
in interview he states, shot him at 22 yrds??
love how that distance changes , from tree to interview!
HUMM< come on its TV< they cannot edit and have the same answer?? as I doubt the distance really changed from shot to interview LOL
Maybe if its a longer shot it more justify's the poor hit, or that seems to be what they seem to try to sell some times! or??

next he says we waited 3 hrs(in the tree)
in interview he says , we waited 4+ hrs?
again how can say question have two answers??

OK< at first he says we?? not sure how a shot can be made by a WE, only one shooter
but says We made a bad hit
then says has super heavy blood trail??
deer only went like 75 yrds??

next they get to deer and its as stiff as a board won't bend at all!
has like 3-4 inch bases at most and they claim it to be a 4+ yr old buck(maybe scored about 130 inches IF this)
love how every buck they kill HAS to said to be a very mature buck???
just be honest, and say its a NICE buck, not sure how old!, don't lie!~

I have killed a LOT of deer in my life time, and NEVER had one stiff as a board in 4 hr from the time I killed it

has anyone else?? maybe the couple hundred deer I killed have all been freaks of nature and I am wrong here??

so, again, I found TV hunting shows to be full of Crap, and to be honest, showing piss poor judgement call on shot taken, just to get a kill on TV!
By a hunter as far as I am conserned if a PRO , at making up stuff as he oes along, and cannot even match what he repeats in saying
and why I prefer NOT to watch shows !

does things like this in hunting shows deter watching them to anyone else??

10-16-2014, 11:37 AM
I just dont bother to watch them. It is a lot easier on my blood pressure. A long long time ago those shows actually taught something about how and why they choose a particular hunting spot. Now it is about the trail cam, the kill and horn porn. Not my thing. In my life time I have never shot a "mature" buck there have been some nice ones and they are all a trophy to me but I don't worry about age. If the buck is a good buck and I have a good shot then I take the shot. I hunt public land so trying to age and track deer is difficult at best. I used to worry about some of these things and the weather but now I don't have to time and I hunt when I can and enjoy the time I do have to spend in the woods. Its just easier that way.

10-16-2014, 02:25 PM
I honestly tend NOT to watch them, just never found many shows to be what REAL hunting is like for most folks!
but seems like there are so many shows out there these days, and SOMEONE must be watching them to keep them in business

do most hunters these days really buy into what they be a saying I guess is my question??

and I also agree, the best time to hunt is when you have the time
heck with the wind the weather or rut non rut??
I've killed deer in every kind of weather there is and some days wearing cloths I just worked in(due to no time to change)
many folks over think things I guess?

OR due to these TV shows think they have to have"X" to hunt!
Sad in my book!
hunting USED to be all about fun, and personal challanges
now its about fame/size and selling crap!, or thats all TV shows seem to push

10-16-2014, 05:29 PM
I'll be honest I don't mind watching them, but here the last couple years I've noticed that a lot of hunting shows just don't spark my interest anymore. At least most of the "Big name" shows. Sure if your not a real bow hunter they are a blast to watch cuz you don't really know better. But if you're a serious bow hunter its very easy to catch yourself "nit-picking" things like this...which I agree mrbb and do the same thing. I will watch them but more for just entertainmentppurposes nowadays. I do love watching "real life" hunters though. Guys that are not sponsored by 5,000 companies and are just good ole down home boys. One of my favorites is Slunger Hollow. We picked up one of their DVDs years ago at the deer and turkey expo when they were a pretty small production company and they produce a DVD every year, all fair chase Ohio hunts and over time they have only gotten more experienced and produced better DVDs. There are several others out there like this and I love watching these guys hunt cuz you or at least I can tell they hunt just like me and you. Just my opinion...

10-24-2014, 08:16 AM
All hunting shows now are platforms for hunting product advertisement.