View Full Version : Deer hunting Nelsonville

10-06-2014, 09:59 AM
Anybody hunt in Nelsonville or the wayne national park? Looking to go down there and need some help

10-06-2014, 10:08 AM
I have hunted both, and several spots near and about that area
it holds some monster bucks
But like any place, some spots get hit harder than other's
there is a college right there, that many maor in wildlife thinbgs and as such , many students are hunters
farther out of town the better/less folks I seen when I hunted that area, but its been many yrs now since I hubnted that area
I would highly suggest you stop in the wayne park office head quarters right there, just outside Nelsonville, and get some spot on current advice on teh area
rangers therw ere always very nice and helpful; to me when I was in there
they can point you in the right direction too many times, if you ask right questions
they can tell you where places have just been timbered and where they were timbered say 3-4 yrs ago and so on
where crops are, where crop damage reports are heavy
can get info about hunting pressure based on past yrs too
they used to have a ton of free maps too
as the Wayne is a BIG place broken up in smaller sections her and there all over SE ohio!
heck if you get to talking to the right ranger, never kbnow what good info they can tell you
maybe even direct you to private lands where if you ask they allow hunters on!
same will be said for the local game warden in area's your looking at, they might help in crop damage areas with info like that too

NOTHING will beat boot time on the ground, but you can sure get a lot of good info if you ask the right folks!
Good luck