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10-04-2014, 05:14 PM
OK I know most of you's here are all from Ohio
But did any of you's see how the PA game Commision, closed archery /hunting in bunch of area's due to the man hunt for the cop shooter!
even on Private lands its NOW illegal to hunt there??
Man that to me would suck big time
with today being opening day of archery
wait all yr and then have it closed up on you due to some nut case!
never seen this happen any where before
any one have any opinion's??

10-04-2014, 05:29 PM
Didn't hear about it is this the same guy from last week

10-04-2014, 06:13 PM
well its been a few weeks now that the man hunt has been going on
but its for the sdame guy
he shot and killed one st trooper and wounded another
they have found a bunch of pipe bombs he left in the woods where they think he ran into, and o r is still hiding now
Its BIG foods up that way, I'm very familiar with the area, actually have been in the state police barracks where the shooting actually happened a few times over the yrs with work
huge tracts of un developed lands, and huge swamps, many 15-25,000+ acres tracts, many belong to gun.hunting clubs and others state and ferdral lands

here are a few links to the closing



10-04-2014, 06:22 PM
Yeah that would piss a lot of folks off but I guess it is for there saftey

10-04-2014, 09:26 PM
I think if they closed season here for that, guess what...looks like I'd be hunting the man that took my bow season! Lol!

10-05-2014, 09:42 AM
Yeah I'm not sure what I would do??
To be honest, I some what think, having hunters in the woods, might maybe help them find him?
Afterall, everyone here knows what 's going on, so anyone that would hunt that area, would be knowing they are taking the risk, would like tothink it should be there call
we here in Pa are legally allowed to carry a hand gun with a CCP,
and I do think this jerk there looking for, might not want to give up his location by fighting with a hunter
who is armed, with a bow/x bow, or maybe a handgun?
and hell, they do not even know for sure he is in this area
lots of rumors stating he fled to Canada and is there now?
no one has even seen him since the shooting, and that was weeks ago

OH WELL hope they get him soon for the people up that way
heard on the new, they are doing random home searches without warrents too
Humm?? On that but its true

10-05-2014, 10:50 AM
I agree mrbb, hunters in the woods would probably be a good thing. Even if they don't get in a "gunfight" with him they could call in their location. On top of that the whole point of hunting is to go undetected right, so...your sitting in your treestand completely camo'd out, and you see this shmuck walking through the woods carrying all his gear. Something outta go off in your head and say "wait I think that's that nut that was shooting cops!" I think I should call the police and let the know where he's at, I mean after all he can't see me I'm 20 ft in the air looking like a tree. And as far as searching homes without warrants... Sounds like a lawsuit in the making...If its happening that is

10-05-2014, 11:24 AM
I agree mrbb, hunters in the woods would probably be a good thing. Even if they don't get in a "gunfight" with him they could call in their location. On top of that the whole point of hunting is to go undetected right, so...your sitting in your treestand completely camo'd out, and you see this shmuck walking through the woods carrying all his gear. Something outta go off in your head and say "wait I think that's that nut that was shooting cops!" I think I should call the police and let the know where he's at, I mean after all he can't see me I'm 20 ft in the air looking like a tree. And as far as searching homes without warrants... Sounds like a lawsuit in the making...If its happening that is
well the searches are taking place without warrents
I gather the reasosn is they can claim ?? they have reasonable caue, or that's what they told a person I know that lives there, when they when thru there houe, now twice, and have been going down there street doing the same
they also have had non stop road blocks too, so traveling in the area is a major isue too
schools have been closed a bunch, football game's relocated to schools far a way
they did find some home made pipe bombs in the local woods
and belive they are from the suspect
some were some pretty mean mad one's too, showed em on the local news

but who nows what he ,ight have left behind while trying to get away

and agree, its not many hunters today that don't carry a cell phone with them into the woods
and could be a great source of help finding him maybe
I know they are doing some serious adding, with the costs of this man hunt
they have hundreds of police from all over
tax payers are already worried about the bills?
so maybe hunters could be some sort of free labor ??
after all, again, it would be the unter KNOWING the risks, if they wanted to still go out or not
crime can be any where, and from what I read the Game dept, will NOT re open the area unless he is caught
so that can mean, if he never gets caught this yr
its a total loss to hunt for the folks in that area

and again, maybe 50% of that land is owned by hunting clubs!
so I have to think there not happy at all!
I feel bad for them
as I know the csts of owning land and ding food plots and such
being shut down, is expensive , and heck hunting season only comes about once a yr!
traditions for so many!

10-05-2014, 08:59 PM
I hunt Ohio but live here in pa not that far from where Mr. Frein is holding out in the woods. it has been 3 weeks now and only saw him one time at 75yds and still couldn't catch him. he is a survilalist well above the state police and FBI. I would bet on a person with outdoor skills any day then the police or FBI. They even found soiled diapers and can't claim or deny they were used by him to stay in one spot and not be detected. they found a couple who were in the area and they said Friend started to approach them and had a rifle and hand guns on him at the time. if they let all the camo hunters afield Mr Frein would be able to slip out of there with not much of a problem. I think they should let the national guard go in there they would have more training for that then the state police or FBI. I do feel for the many Pa archery hunters not being able to hunt. it covers 7 townships and 3 game lands. hunting property is hard to find and now a lot of public land is closed. I would rather see a hunter not get a deer for a while then to never have the chance again. Mr. Frein is not all there and who knows who he might shoot. even when the Pa hunters can hunt again can you imagine how spooked the deer will be from all the people walking the woods every day looking for him. a mature buck may not only go nocturnal but may leave the area for awhile. hope they catch him soon and he doesn't shoot someone else.

10-06-2014, 07:18 AM
On the 6am news here today they say they have a new lead and are closing in on Mr. Frein. so maybe it will be over shortly and everyone can go back to normal and the hunters can archery hunt again.

10-06-2014, 08:44 AM
Well I hope they catch him
and I hope he hasn't left a trail of bombs behind too
there is like a 100K reward on his ass now too
archery season here is only 6 weeks long, so loosing time with this hunt for him, is shortening an already short season for them up that way

10-06-2014, 09:52 AM
Its unfortunate that people loose hunting time but I would rather people be safe than sorry.

10-06-2014, 10:21 AM
Its unfortunate that people loose hunting time but I would rather people be safe than sorry.

well I agree, but hunters are adults(have to be at least 16 to hunt alone, well mayeb at 16 your not an adult, but I imagine parents would have say over a kid till 18 lol)
and I would like to think we should be able to make the decision on our own, if the risk is worth it or not?? this is america, where free choice was a right!
I mean the guy is out there 24/7 till they get him, can be any where

its not just hunters that should have to worry , about being safe!
all daily things can put anyone at risk, and NOT just from this nut job!

and again, most hunters are armed no?
would like to think this guy is doing his best to avoid all contacts of being seen, and seems like fleeing is his first choice
as if not, he would have made a stand by now!
anything can surely trigger a reaction I gather
but again
if an adult wants to make the call to hunt
part of me says that is what should happen, not being forced to NOT have the option
all the more so,
when they are NOT even sure he is in this area! for a fact!
there are reports he is GONE< rumors only that he is there! and so called sightings, that can not be said are 100 % it was him!

its been almost a month now
that's a long time to stay in one spot for anyone! IMO. maybe all the more so on a man being hunted by a small army of cops!
maybe adding some hunters to the mix might flush him out, or help to capture him!
no one HAS to hunt if they don't want to
but shouldn't the option be there's??

10-07-2014, 08:07 AM
The latest on Mr. Frein police struck out on a possible sighting on Sun. At a northeastern nursery. they have found 2 pipe bombs, some ramen noodles and tuna fish and clothes at camp sites used by Mr. Frein. they also found 90 rds of ammo the same type used to kill the state cop which started all this. many fellow hunters as stated in posts here think they should let the hunters have a choice and be able to hunt anyways. I think that is a bad move the chance of Mr. Frein killing even one more person such as a hunter is one too many. just think if a father took his 12 yr old son out for the 1st time hunting and his son got shot by Mr. Frein would it be worth it all for one deer for one year I think not. I am a die hard hunter and anybody who knows me knows I live and breathe hunting but, sometimes you have to be level headed and know what is best for all. I just hope it ends soon and no more people get shot .

10-07-2014, 08:52 AM
I agree no deer is worth getting show over
but again, if a hunter doesn't want the risk, he shoukd have the right to stay home
if one what to go knowing he is out there, that option too
and as for finding ammo the caliber he used, well, that's an extremely common caliber, I sold millions, and I mean millions of rounds of it to folks that live in that area when i had my gun store
few hunting camps don't have members that don't own a gun in that caliber/
this moron is out there 24/7
he can kill at any time, anyone, NOT just hunters that might go hunting if allowed
proof is IF he is still in that area, and IF he is hiding in homes
his odds of running into a NON hunter are higher, than a hunter IMO
I was an advid hunter, i trainer shooter, and law enforcenet folks on shooting for yrs
not everyone would be willing to take the risk to go hunt
fine, but folks that are should have that right
IMOits still the USA ,
they are not forcing folks to leave this area
folks again at same risk as any hunter would be?
contact can happen at any time
sooner this jerk is caught the better
and IF folks want to hunt, they might help find him faster
hell what was the point of offering such a huge reward for him, if they didn't want help from the public?
for a 100 plus grand/
if i ownee hunting land in that area
that would be a bigger incentive for me to want to go hunt/
LOL but that's me, others can do as they please
wait NO they cannot? option to go was removed by the game dept??

10-07-2014, 12:53 PM
At 1st mrbb I said the same thing you are saying I think because I am so involved in hunting and put my shoes in the hunters there who can't hunt because the PGC. ordered it. I am by no means backing the PGC because I think they have all most ruined our deer herd in Pa. when they started the 2 weeks season if it's brown it's down. that is another sore subject I hate to get into. back to letting all archery hunters in the woods at their own choice if it were me hunting there I would take the chance if given it but, think if they let all the camo hunters in the woods where Mr. Frein was he could easily just blend in and get out of the area. as far as finding the ammo yes a lot of hunters have that same caliber of ammo but how many hunters leave 90 rds lay at a campsite. the price of ammo today is sky high compared to a few years ago I don't think any hunter today is just going to leave ammo lying around the woods for further use and have another hunter pick it up. the 90 rds of live ammo they found is that of Mr. Frein. He is running out of food and I think they are banking on him trying to enter a cabin or hunting camp and I am sure they have them staked out to try and corner him. I
predict he will be caught in 2 more days. see if I am right. I hope so for all involved.

10-07-2014, 03:55 PM
I hear you, me and my opinion of the Pa Game dept is Low to say the least
you say almost ruined deer, what about pheasants
we were a top 5 pheasant state
now, maybe about 40 on the list?
yet they say NOT there fault
after all, they were onky in charge of protecting game in Pa
NOT sure who's fault it is then
when I asked them, they blamed the farmers?? After all, I know out in the remaining prime pheasant states, there are no farmers there RIgHt??
Any how
as for leaving ammo behind
after selling guns and ammo, and doing shoots, some times 7 days a week for 15 yrs
I seen a lot of folks leave ammo behind
shall I call it a beer related issue?
and I have found many boxes of ammo in the woods over the yrs deer hunting or walking the dog
hell My one buddy seems to leave a box of .243 At our farm every yr
I've known a few guys too that left guns in the woods too
and some that found guns
that area is HUGE for sportsman clubs
I am NOt saying it cannot be his
BUt think about this
if you were being hunted down
would you really leave ammo behind??
if I was planning a shoot out, I'd want all the ammo I could carry?
crazy nuts, can live off a lot of foods in the woods, if willing to eat em
I think if anything forces this guy out it will be the cold temps coming
I also think its very possible he is NOT in that area too
again, I think having hunters in the woods , willing one's, would do more good than bad
looking for him, all the help they can get to me is a plus
its a hige needle in a hay stanck right now, the more eyes the better

10-07-2014, 07:06 PM
Obviously living in south western Ohio I don't know all of the details of what's going on up there but in my opinion I think it should be up to the hunters if they want to hunt. I see both sides of the coin but as mrbb said, if a legal level headed adult wants to hunt it should be their choice. I mean im sure some of these guys have been hunting for many many years, they know the risks of what's out there right now. Let them make the choice, especially if its their own land! I know if someone came to my house and said that I was not aloud to hunt until a nut job was caught...after I have been scouting and plotting on a big mature buck all spring and summer, putting in hours upon hours of my time planting food plots and hanging stands and all that...I would say they were crazy! And did I understand this right, their archery season is only 6 weeks long?? Wow, how blessed we are to have a 4 month season!

10-08-2014, 10:15 AM
So I am conflicted on what to do. Just because they close hunting doesn't mean that will keep people out of the woods. It is only a 7 township area but that may be a huge area. I am not familiar with that area. Honestly though I find it hard to believe this guy has stayed in that area. I figure he would have gotten the heck out of dodge after what he did. I hope they find him soon but I bet he will pop up a long long long way away from where they think he was. He obviously planned this so I am sure he has an plan or three to get out and far far away

10-10-2014, 11:27 AM
Well I guess I have to admit I was wrong on Mr. Frein he is still at large they claim to see him but can't catch him. tomorrow will be another Sat. missed out on for some Pa. archery hunters. it only last until the middle of Nov. and Saturdays are the only time some hunters can get out. also muzzle loader season starts next weekend in Pa just think of the hunters who have to buy a muzzle loader stamp and maybe won't be able to use it due to Mr. Frein and the Pgc. I don't think the Pgc. is making any new friends about all this and they already have hunters who think some of there ideas are stupid ones. I am glad I archery hunt in Ohio and gun hunt in Pa. I hope he is caught before gun season although I don't hunt the area they are talking about being closed. I don't think the Pgc. will close gun season if he was still at large by then. too many hunters would be at their heels and a lot would go out anyway. I know how Pa. hunters can be it would not be a pretty sight. I hope Mr. Frein runs out of food and makes a mistake and they find him in a cabin, or hunting camp soon.

10-10-2014, 03:04 PM
hey don't firget , its NOT just archery that is closed in this area, IT all hunting
so if he doesn't get caught, there will be ZERO hunting in this area the whole yr!
and again, about 60% of this land is hunting clubs property, many clubs up this way are 5-10-15,000+ acre's and have hundreds of members that pay due's al yr
and NOW cannot use lands and things they pay for

been a month almost now, a 1,000+ lawenforcement people looking for him
and still on the run AVOIDING people
adding HUNTERS< that are WILLING to take the risk, can IMO, only help find him
NO one HAS to hunt if they worry, but again, there are shootings every day due to nuts, and folks don't ban going places

I pesonally think its wrong to have the game dept tell what you can or cannot do on your own land
I mean
the law enforcement, state and local cops, and FBI< are NOT saying folks cannot hunt??
or use there lands as they want
its the game dept that is
and how the hell do they have the right to do that??
another reason I honestly am NOT a fan of the PA game commision
they should worry more about saving wildlife and creating habitat that supports the GAME there supposed to protect!
My 2 cents!
and I am not even hunting this yr LOL

10-12-2014, 04:03 AM
Still looking for cop killer in Pa. Now they said one town in the epic center of the search will cancel Halloween, and a parade, and 5k race.
it is the biggest event of the year for the town big fund raiser. I am just a little surprised they state that so early. doesn't look too good for the people doing the search. they don't want him to be able to blend in with the trick or treaters and get away. maybe they should let all the little mad trick or treaters throw candy at him when he gets caught. then again maybe not a good idea he will get high on sugar escape and here we go again looking for Mr. Frein. I would have thought they would of found him by now. says a lot for someone who knows a lot about woodsmanship. maybe they should contact hunters and not the F.B.I. or State Police just saying.

10-12-2014, 09:28 AM
I understand they want to get him, and they should
but again, if you look on america's most wanted, there are sadly a long list of folks wanted for things
I fully agree again, allowing hunters to hunt might do more good than harm, for those willing to take the risk

closing a towns actions for a Maybe??
Seems exreme as well
many places need things like this to stay in business!
been over a month now
police had there best chance of finding him already!
national guard should have been called in to help do a bigger search when they knew he was close

Oh well,
guess it is what it si for the folks living there,sadly

10-12-2014, 10:41 AM
Canceling trick or treat, parade, and a race! Wow! That's ridiculous. How about you send whoever made that decision to all of the houses with little kids and have them tell the kids that they are not aloud to trick or treat this year...you know that's not going to happen. And I understand the point of not wanting him to blend in and get away but really? My personal opinion, he's prolly long gone. Can't remember who said it but he clearly had this planned out to the T, with that said I'm sure he had a getaway plan as well. Whether it was a certain area in the woods or a car lined up. Why would you do something of this caliber and 1) not have a plan of what to do afterward and/or 2) stick around the area to be found. He could be
anywhere. Have they had any confirmed sightings of him? Also they are not allowing hunting but are you aloud to walk your property? Reason I ask is Trail cams! Maybe by some chance if he is still around maybe someone got a picture of him on their trail cam.

10-12-2014, 12:29 PM
As for sightings of him, NO, No confirmed sighting, a few cops said they THOUGHt they saw him at like 200 yrs twice or so
and the same cpos say the terrian he's in your lucky to see 50 ft in front of you?
1,000 plus lawenforcement officers
IF they seen him at 200 yrds, would like to think, some of them have the skills to get him from there
they have heli's and planes all over the area
what happened to themhaving IR scopes on there heli, like they do on most cop choppers??
shouldn't that be a way to find this jerk at night?
All the more so, as they say they found places where he's been lighting a fire at night?
I personally have been in the woods they say he is im
add yes its super thick, huge swamps, and large open type forest
a mix of hills and cliffs and level ground
a needle in a hay stack more or less
for a guy that knows how to hide
I also agree, he could be long gone by now too
as for his get away, well, he had a plan, but from what they say
he screwed that up trying to drive away with no lights on, and drove into a swamp on a turn
so that killed his get away vehicle
but a month now? He has called people by phone, so they say
anyone of them could have gave him a ride/
shutting down events to me seems over kill
he is armed and dangerous 24/7
at this point I believe he is not trying to killl more folks, unless trying to get away?
cornered like, and out of other options
then who knows what a nut job will do?
But just going to to shoot anyone, will just make getting away harder?

10-12-2014, 02:01 PM
IR scopes and cameras should be a must on those types of helicopters. And I'm guessing its been getting colder up there than down here so he has to be making a fire or something to put off heat at night...so finding him at night with IR should be pretty reasonable. Are they letting people walk their properties? With all due respect to those looking for him, if they need some help I still talk to some of my fellow Marines. We can pack up and head up there, lol.

10-12-2014, 03:55 PM
Yeah its been getting cold up here
ice on the puddles almost a 1/4 inch think last week several days
and I have NO idea why they are not using the military reserves
seems like the exact reason to have them, for helping in situations like this
when , man power and size of the area are so big and this is a cop killer on the loose
the kind of jerk, they get there panty's in a bunch over
and maybe that's part of why there not calling in for help
they want to do it themselves??
I mean sure a few dyas they get the chance
BUT now a month into things, why not reach out for any help they can get???? And stop fooling around?
hell I bet many land owners and hunters would be willing to volenteer a search if asked? Crap they have a HUGE reward on him, I'd go help if they let me?? If I could shott SOB if need be and get the reward money LOL

10-18-2014, 07:46 PM
It is going to get down to 39 Degree's tonight in N.E. Pa. I am wondering if he slipped out of there and is laughing at everyone looking for him in sunny Florida. I hope they find him before gun season in Pa. No way they are going to control Pa. gun hunters and tell them they can't hunt until they find him. I know how Pa hunters are and nothing will stop them from going out the 1st day of gun season. I can't blame them, comes once a year, money and time invested, in there blood and can't get it out, I could go on and on but, just saying they won't be able to tell Pa. hunters they have to stay out of the woods come Dec 1st.

10-18-2014, 09:26 PM
Well as of last nite, a woman, said she seen him standing on the side of the road next to a school, she THINK's it was him, as it was a man with his face covered in mud??
said she was less than 25 ft from him too??
Now lets see, 9 pm, its dark?
she was walking down a road in the dark??
And seen a man, , one wanted by the police, and he just stood there?
this seems fishy to me, but?? Never know what a nut will do
as for temps
hell i'm in Ne Pa, and its been below30 degrees in the morning here several times now
had ice over a 1/4 inch think on puddles
I don't see this nut covering his face with mud, in cold temps
would just make him colder
as for rifle season
Haha, i sold guns for yrs up here
they will NOT stop gun hunters
hell, half the one's I sold guns to, would gladly shoot this jerk for free, never mind the 100 plus k on his head now
just more reasons for them to go out with a gun IMO lol
and once the oarnge army heads out, that Might be the best way to get him too
close to 750,000 armed people, just itching to shoot something LOL
Oh well
almost 6 weeks now, and he's still out there THEY say

10-20-2014, 04:12 AM
Yeah that is the latest news I hear some lady says she saw a man with mud on his face with a rifle near a road. If that was him it looks like he is trying to get out of there showing up on a road. lets hope he doesn't get too desperate and high jacks a vehicle and shoots someone else. I just wish they would find him so no one else gets shot and everyone else can go back to normal including the Pa hunters.

10-30-2014, 09:24 PM
well an update
they caught the guy today, found him 30 miles from where he shot the state troopers , hiding in an airport hanger
he gave up without a fight too
I kinda wish they would ahve shot him, and saved us tax payers a lot of court fee's
but, atleast he 's no longer running about in the woods!

10-30-2014, 09:30 PM
Just in time for the Rut???

Genesis 9:3
10-31-2014, 12:08 PM
They already spent $10million on finding him... a lot of good that did! It was during a "routine" sweep of the airport that they found him (according to the article I read)!

Hopefully now everyone can get out and enjoy life again!

10-31-2014, 12:42 PM
yeah they found hom rather far from there main search area
and they say he had NO weapons on him at teh time too??
but wouldn't say if he had weapons in the building near him
as they caught him in the middle of a field????
NOt sure why he would be in the middle of a field, and if such a bas A$$ why he didn't have a gun on him??

but I am sure the court and trials will add a few more million to the bill, we licky tax payers get to pay?
but your right, at least it over, and folks living there can try and get there lives back