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08-14-2014, 02:56 PM
OK so I have been care taking a nice farm and more or less running the place for almost 20 yrs,
I had a deal in the works with the owne'rs to buy the place as I took care of it, kind of work in buy out deal
I was told over and over for 20 yrs the place was mine when they died, and they told every one I was there kid
well there were 3 owners, and over the last yr all 3 had passed away a few moths apart, and as everyone passed I was assured the place was mine
when the last one was in a nursing home, a long far off family member came about and had a new deed submitted, giving them the whole farm
didn't find out till the last owner passed away
and it turned into a legal fight
as I had spent well over a 100 k into this farm, and yrs of my life and so many hr's of my time
hired a lawyer spent a few more grand
and got the news today
I lost my fight
so, I lost my hunting grounds here in PA, and a ton of cash and yrs off my life there
I have thousands of places and acres to hunt if I want to,
but its just not the same as a place you put your heart and soul into and , all them yrs of letting bucks walk! and just caring about the place, and bulding a hunting spot the way you wanted it!
and finally got it timbered this winter LOL, so it was only going to get better!


and then , 2 yrs age, I lost my favorite place in Ohio, after almost 12+ yrs, due to my good friend there dying of cancer, and his wife selling the place and moving back to CA!
so, I gather, my plans to give up hunting seem to be the only thing working ou these days! t LOL
OH well
some times things just suck I guess!

08-14-2014, 06:05 PM
mrbb, that sucks, but there is a higher power, when one door(or two) closes another will open you may not see it now but i promise it will happen, good things always happens to good people, just keep a positive outlook

08-15-2014, 07:23 AM
Sorry to hear that MRBB it is really a shame. Keep you head up take some time off hunting. Something better will come along I am sure of it.

08-15-2014, 08:14 AM
thanks guys
I still have my hunting camp, and again, I know tons of farmers and land owners I have access to there lands for hunting
but this place was athe place I expecet to own some day and sunk so much into it
and hell, I have a few thousand acre's behind my house I can hunt if I wanted too!
so its NOT like I don't have a place to hunt. its just after so many yrs of hunting, I think you start to hunt where and how you want to more than its just about hunting!
and that is more of what I am loosing and causing me the loss in interest in hunting!
silly maybe to some, but, how it seems to me!

SO< I now have to start removing all my things I kept on the property, 20 yrs of storing things I used at this farm, and all the things I bought to use for the farm!
there is about 30 trestands to take down and move and then some shooting house's and so on, two tractors and several implements for them!
and just a lot of things many being big and heavy things too! LOL

a lot of work will be involved the next few weeks moving and finding storage for a lot of it

OH well, I guess I need a garage /pole barn now more than a shed I was thinking about building! LOL

08-15-2014, 08:41 AM
Sounds like you need some serious storage. Maybe time to unload some of the stuff to recoup funds.

08-15-2014, 09:10 AM
well odds are i will be selling a bunch of stuff soom, but we have a 120x80 pole barn at camp, so have space, its just a 100 miles away, so lots of trips hauling things and time
I also have many farmer friends closer with space I can use for now
but again, its a lot of work
the shooting house, have two sold already, but there not easy to move, 6x6x6 all pressure treated , and about 900 lbs each, they were not built with plans of moving LOL
so just moving them is a major project, not to mention, where they are, there used to be open ground, now after timbering this winter, a million tree tops now in the way, that will have to be moved, and new owners are picky jerks, so
I have to watch moving any trees even dead ones?
there NOT making it easy on me, as they want all my stuff too
but I refuse to allow that

08-15-2014, 09:11 AM
if I wasn't so far from so many members here I'd be listing some things here for sale too
but me in Pa
just too far I gather for most members to be worth it
do have a Lone wolf sit and climb climber, for sale

08-15-2014, 09:21 AM
Man I Hate to hear that! I've seen that happen more than once. I think the owners had good intentions but wasn't on the same page as the relative. Get back out and hunt some other places. Never know, might be an big ole whitetail with your name on it.

08-15-2014, 12:56 PM
Yes deaths sure have a way of messing up things like that when younger family members get involved. Hopefully things will straighten out for you mrbb!

08-15-2014, 10:11 PM
Yes deaths sure have a way of messing up things like that when younger family members get involved. Hopefully things will straighten out for you mrbb!

yeah I have had the experience with a lot of deaths and heard a ton of bad stories after one die's!

back when I had my gun store, I cannot tell you how many folks came in to sell thing or things they lost in deaths
so, I knew it happens
some even worse than what I got too!

its just funny, or sad??
how a relative that lives 1,000+ miles away that has not been about in 50 yrs, and is like a 5 th down the line cousin
not even immediate family by any means, hell cannot even find a living rperson that knows truly HOW they are related .
can just come in and weasel there way into having /tricking an old dying person into signing away there property,and not even give them a penny for it !, just take it off them!
and even sadder to me, is these people are extremely wealthy! not like they ned this place or the money, and hell even refused to sell the place to me, as I tried to just outright buy it back off them!

I mean they own a mile of ocean front land, with a huge house on the shore, and then own several homes in many states!
Guess maybe they stole them too ,???

so, yup I knew it happens, just didn't see it coming in this way at all
hell for like 15+ yrs I never see a relative on the farm, so was blind sided to say the least!
and a very expensive learning lesson for me I guess!!
after loosing my job a while back, my bad health, this stings a lot more than it could right now!
as bouncing back is not going to be easy at all after this huge hit!
takes the joy out of alot of things!