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04-29-2014, 06:05 PM
OK so I was reading a hunting mag I get and they brought up the subject about drones, and using them for hunting/scouting
as there prices are coming down lower and lower and more and more companys are making them and selling them for all sorts of reasons'

SO< what's your take on using them as hunting tools??

I on one side thing wow they would be way cool to fly about ans actually see where deer are at on a piece of land, and then maybe learning more about there movements
as LIVE feedback could be a huge game changer
BUT at the same time, I think, does using one make hunting , HUNTING any more??
I mean in todays world of needing everything NOW< live, camera's video everywhere
do we really need it in the woods , where I like to think, many folks go to get away from all the modern things we have and get some nature time in
I know for a fact if I was up a tree and someone was flying one of these things about me, it would piss me off, and ruin my hunting experience
so, for me, I have to say, I would hope they never allow them as hunting tools
BUT as we all know , if there out there folks will use them?
people cheat, or prefer the easy road more often than we all might like to admit!

so, what's your take on them??

04-30-2014, 09:26 AM
Technically at least in PA I believe they would be banned under the now electronic devices to aid in the taking of game law. Probably should be as a scouting tool. I think it is ridiculous to use that in hunting. Wonder how many would get "shot down" for flying a little to low? There are somethings that shouldn't be in the woods and that's one of them. Honestly I don't think drones should be flying around the USA keeping track of us either but I'm sure it is happening.

04-30-2014, 10:56 AM
Yes I agree
But lets say a person uses one to find a deer puts it away, then goes hunting after that deer?
as long as its not being used while in posession of the weapon, even here in Pa its not illegal?
its something like that , that to me would make hunting less and less about skills?
think about it, how many folks use Google Earth, since it became an option
NOW people can see whats where without having to actually go there
unlike yrs back?
how I leanred so many hunting grounds and what was over the next hill, was by actually doing it?
since then, I am very guilty of using Google earth, for scouting
and again, my point, seems once an option is there that might be easier
we all tend to take the easy path then?
and the future of hunting changes again, farther from actual skills, to , just learning how the latest tech works

04-30-2014, 11:30 AM
The key with google earth is it isnt real time. Some of the images are several years old so its not like flying a drone over the hill. Plus like I said it should be banned no question about it. Google earth helps only so much and falls into the same category as using a game cam. Droning well thats just too much for me and I hope appropriate action is taken to keep that from happening.

04-30-2014, 01:18 PM
I agree google earth isn't like live feed
but it does cause many folks to not have to put boot time in the ground, to learn whats there, over the next hill, and so on
So, modern tech, has changed how we hunt
trail cameras, well most still make you walk in and set them up, to me the biggest thing they did, was show folks what is on said lands
still they have hugely changed hunting too in my book
and yes again I use these things
BUT I learned how to hunt and hunt well without them,
and its those older skills and learning HOW to hunt, I think generations now have missed
and the more tech out there, the more that gets used, and the less real hunting skills are learned, or needed to kill game
I hope its banned before it gets started, but in todays tech world, , odds are low it will, too many short cuts, to be used

05-01-2014, 03:19 PM
I use Google Earth and I put in a lot of boot time but it does help when asking permission to hunt other plots of land I can see what it has to offer I guess

Genesis 9:3
10-22-2014, 01:39 PM
What if you could afford to buy one with a thermal imaging system for use to track wounded deer? Does that change anything? I sure as all get-out don't want to see one overhead when I'm getting ready to draw back on a nice deer, but if it helped you find that trophy you had trouble tracking...

My opinion on the whole matter is that you should only be able to fly them over property you own or have permission to walk on... public property is another matter I'm not going to think about.

10-22-2014, 02:35 PM
I think recobvering a deer is something we all should do what we can
But at some point, its , to me, going beyond what hunting is
I do like being able to use a tracking dog
BUT here in PA that's illegal, so a IR camera or??? crosses the line to me mroe than a dog would!
personally feel thats a silly law we have, as we can use a dog to hunt up;and game and many small game animals
so whynot to recover a dead or wounded deer?
I personally think a;; lands should be protected from camera's in the sky, seems invasion of privacy comes to my mind

bad enough I delt with trespassers that walked in NOT knowing where my stands were or food plots and such, and NOW they can zoom in and find any thing??
NO I hope all states ban this before it takes off