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04-27-2014, 05:31 PM
well went for a long hike today behind the house, was about a 1/2 mile or more from even a dirt road when I found this,
a buck skull with the rack cut off,
there were all sorts of rib bones, legs and spine, so, don't think it was a head someone threw out and something carried the skull uff,
seems more like someone shot it and then just took the rack??
hate that crap! dam poachers are heavy up my way!

I also seen and heard a ton of gooblers while out,
every 20 minutes I heard 2-3 gobbling all over about me!, tiss the season for them I guess!

covered about 10 miles today too, walked my ass off! but no sheds??

http://i1190.photobucket.com/albums/z457/mrbb1/Ideabbuck2014_zps2e1008bf.jpg (http://s1190.photobucket.com/user/mrbb1/media/Ideabbuck2014_zps2e1008bf.jpg.html)

04-28-2014, 11:39 AM
Seems like every year you find something like that. Shame they have to leave a mess like that. Hard to say if it was poached as back in the day that's how we would cut our antlers off of bucks to mount on plaques.

04-28-2014, 02:23 PM
yes, it is sad, and this skull was from this past yr, and again, petty far off the beaten path, for me to think it was a hunters throw out and carried off, as all or morst of its bones were with it, like it died right there!
I know I have tons of poachers up here, and why I have so many posts about them
I hear rifle shots daily here at all hrs of day and night!, its rare to sit outside for more than 2-3 hrs and not hear a rifle shot!
not saying all are from poachers , but??

locals here all grew up with the hunting tradition, of if you see it shoot it, in season or out
as they all believed that if they didn';t shoot it, someone else would,
or that if they didn;t shoot it now, it wouldn't be here come hunting season!
due to this common idea
and now generations of this, its a fact of life up here
locals here even brag about what they do? its not a secret to anyone in this area!

sadly, after spending time in local taxidermy shops, (helped work in one for 10+ yrs)and having friends that butcher deer, and having helped them many times
I hear one story after another how they cheat, and its actually to the point, more folks here cheat than don't
I have even seen and heard local game wardens tell stories of how they cheat too! its really that bad up here!
its really sad, and its also why I am really thinking about giving up hunting
just don't find joy in it as I once did, and cheaters seem to rule my area! with ZERO help from the state
and NONE of the local 's want to stop either!
just getting to be pointless!
to try to be an honest hunter in my area!

05-13-2014, 12:44 AM
Another slob in the woods. His best piece of equipment is probably rated by lumens rather the fps.

07-28-2014, 12:06 AM
I don't get those people

08-14-2014, 12:49 PM
MRBB, i feel your pain, have the same problem here in NC, we let so many small bucks walk just to never see them year after year, last nov i had several decent bucks for the area we hunt, just to find out some d#$@head shot a nice 7 pt with headlites, no need to call local game warden, ain;t going to do nothing