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04-16-2014, 08:40 AM
Ok so me and my dad used to turkey hunt a lil bit...with no success, but kinda put it on hold until we could find some good land to hunt them on. Well I recently found out that we have some Turkeys that cross through out property so i'm going to try it again this year. But anyways just wondering if anyone has seen the new Mojo Scoot and Shoot turkey decoy? If not you should, just go on you tube or google it. This thing is crazy! If you have used them or have one please share your stories....

04-16-2014, 12:03 PM
In PA that would be insane. I hunt mostly public but I would not in 100 years crawl behind a full strut decoy even if I owned the land. People do stupid stupid stuff and using that method seems like a hunting accident waiting to happen.

04-16-2014, 12:26 PM
here in PA and in most states the higest rate of hunting accidents happen in turkey season, where hunters are mistaken for turkeys
and thatb when they just wear camo and make calls like a turkey
walking being what looks like legal gobble to shoot
I think you would sadly be way upping your oodd's of getting shot at
Like Nomad said, an accident waiting to happen

I see most folks that use walk behind decoys, live way out west where they own 1,000 of acre's and many of it is wide open, they use the decoys as there just is very little cover, and again, they tend to have a ton of control over there lands
here in PA where I am from , trespassing is a major issue, I will say 70% of hunters here don't care about trespassing, as the no one ever really gets fined or arrested for it, the state game dept,doesn't enforce it, the local and state police don't ant to help, unless maybe there is a bigger crime going on, and it tends to cost the land owner more $$ to have them fined and in court fee's,
than what the trespasser pays in a fine IF you can get them arrested for it in the first place( chriminal or ag trespass is a different story, that is a felony in PA, but again, no state law enforcement dept wants to help much)
so here in PA< I would never walk behind a decoy, unless maybe in full body armor LOL