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01-24-2014, 08:36 AM
I can buy a brand new Mathews Z7 NIB for 300.00. Sounds like a good deal but I am not sure. Don't really need it, but is it one of those deals that I shouldn't pass up? Please respond.

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01-24-2014, 09:00 AM
Does it fit you? Is it stolen? Whats the reason for such a good deal? Just a few questions I would ask. Let us know how it worked out.

01-24-2014, 09:41 AM
Friend of mine won it at a dinner. I can get the cam to fit if I need to. I won a Drenalin a few years back and Mathews took care of me.

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01-24-2014, 01:05 PM
Yea as long as it's not stolen sounds like a good deal.. If you don't want it I'll take it lol