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08-29-2013, 04:02 PM
OK decided I am never going to use this bow, so will sell it
its a whole package deal,
its a 2002 PSE nitro Bow, rt handed, set at 68 lbs, 29 in draw, but have mod's to adjust I think from 28-31 inches, and they can be had to go as low as I think 25-26 inch's
has a Muzzy drop away rest and overdraw, fiber optic sights, forget brand,have to look to be exact) but nice, a sight light, has a string put on back in 2010, was also sent back to PSE in 2009 , for a cracked limb, which PSE replaced both limbs, so has new limbs on it, and haven't really shot it since then, so its a pretty new bow as is!
has a tru glo qiover on it
about 20 easton XX 78 superlite arrow
about a dozen or more broadheads, plus some target tips, and a few arrows needing re fletching, but still true
a true fire release, might have two of them
have a spare string that had one season on it, and also have a brand new winner's choice string never installed on the bow, and that was like 80 bucks alone
and a hard bow case, panio something, think I paid like 75 for it
my back dosn't allow me to shoot it, and its just getting older and older sitting in the case
its a fast bow, I took the anti vib disc's off the limbs due to just too heavy and didn't do much but have
here is a link with info about the bow
I am asking $225.00 plus any shipping, and I know there is more than that in parts , so the bow is kinda free LOl
if anyone wants it


and this one, so you can take someone's else's opinion beside 's mine on it


08-29-2013, 04:06 PM
this is a one cam bow, too, they did make it in a two cam version, just incase anyone wonders