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08-25-2013, 11:42 PM
Had a conversation the other day with a guy at Walmart about bows. He asked what I shot and I told him I just bought a bear motive 6. He asked how I liked it and I told him I loved it That's when he said it wasn't a high end bow? Really? I Asked why and he said it wasnt the right brand? So it got me thinking.....what does everyone shoot and why?
Price? Speed? Popularity? Brand?

08-26-2013, 12:11 AM
Personally i have never shot a bear bow. I shoot a Strother bow and I love it. Smooth fast and fits me good. It seems to be a smaller name company. Most of the time I tell people what I shoot they say "who" lol.. Maybe they said that because the "main" brands are Matthews and Bowtech or Hoyt. Those seem to be the ones on the hunting shows.

08-26-2013, 09:28 AM
A guy at "walmart" telling you your bow isn't "high end" LMAO....I shoot an xbow don't know if it's considered "high end" by other xbow guys or not (and I don't care)...it's a stryker (bowtech) strykezone 380 and while I wasn't looking for a compound xbow and just wanted to replace my stolen Horton 225 recurve xbow.....I can now say that I love that 380....light...fast....and deadly accurate. High end or not high end doesn't matter to me as long as it does it's job and I like it....I've never been someone that went with all the hype talk.

08-26-2013, 09:34 AM
I shoot a Hoyt Katera XL all decked out in a red/black marbled target color with chrome hardware. Im sure someone would tell me that it isnt a hunting bow with the 35" ata and its not camo or blackout but it does the job and I have yet to be busted because of my bow. That bow was a top end bow once upon a time but what makes a top end bow is directly proportional to what is in peoples minds based on marketing/company name and how light there wallet is after the buy said bow. In your case bear is a good bow they are budget friendly bows which doesn't make them any less of a bow then the big three but it will still get the job done. I equate this to firearms where lots of people knock savage rifles for being ugly etc but they are flat out the most accurate factory guns in there price class. They can compete with guns costing $1000+ more then them. Same deal with the bear bow they have solid technology and can and will shoot just was well as much more expensive bows. What it comes down to name brand recognition that some people use to classify a top end bow vs the rest.

08-26-2013, 12:07 PM
I shoot a bowtech carbon knight it is slower than most new bows but with a 27" draw I am always going to be just a little slower at 305 at 65 lbs and being all carbon fiber it will not store as much energy as a aluminum riser ,but when it only weights 3.2 lbs in the box and 4.4 lbs geared up they can say its slow or it's not high end but they can come and talk to me at the end of a 8-9 mile hike and see how they feel about it then.

06-18-2014, 01:57 PM
What is the right brand? I shoot a Martin Cheetah and I know it is not high end, but it gets the job done. Also, I have an old Bear Whitetail 2 set up for bowfishing. Now that is a high end bow. Or at least it was in the 80's.

09-23-2014, 06:20 PM
i shoot a hoyt power hawk now but have shot the new hoyt element and the other new hoyt and for the price i will wait another year or two mine gets it done and fits me well do i like other bows yes but i dont need a new bow every year or thats what the wife tells me as for brand and high end why does it matter if it is something you like can afford it and it fits you

09-23-2014, 10:44 PM
Hoyt - bought it cuz the Hoyt rep was at the shop that day and taught me, fit me. Let me shoot. I had no idea what anyone else thought of HOYT - nor did I care - but the bow felt better than others I shot and I got some expert ( but biased) advice. The walmart guy's attitude reminds me of a wine snob. I know people that boast about buying 50 dollar bottles of wine. That's great, but I have a list of 10 great wines under 15 that are every bit as good or better. What tastes good to me, is good. Price/label be damned. So like anything else, if YOU like it, and it works.... it's high (enough) end.

10-15-2014, 10:38 AM
I shoot a bowtech.(TomKat) I have had it for about 7 years or so now. I bought it after shooting alot of different bows and that one just seemed to fit me best. I will never shoot anything else.(Probably) Recently my wifes cousin became a Bowtech dealer and I go to him with any problems or accessories that I need. But a guy at WalMart telling you your bow is not high end is pretty comical!! A good bow to me is one that will kill a deer!! Good Luck all!

10-15-2014, 10:51 AM
Any bow you shoot well and is at least 35 lbs or more, with a sharp head and into the right spot will kill a deer

Brand means nothing to me, or age of the bow
Only taking shots your set up and you can make4 is whats needed, and putting the broadhead into vitals

10-15-2014, 01:01 PM
I am shooting an Elite Energy 35 now and so far I am more than happy with it. I guess it falls into the popular and expensive range these days now but I fell in love with it earlier this year before it really became the bow to get. Everything about it I love at this point.

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10-22-2014, 01:34 PM
Three years back I started out with a 1970's era PSE Pacer... with wheels on the inside of the laminate limbs. I never had a shot at a deer with it, but it wasn't for lack of effort. Now I've upgraded to a used Bowtech Destroyer 340 and I haven't looked back.