View Full Version : another great gun raffle

07-29-2013, 09:16 PM
OK I know I been listing these as they come up, so will again , here is this one
this is an awesome pistol, with besides this, a 2+ yrs waiting list to get one if you placed an order right now
and the rifle isn't bad either
plus its for a good cause
only 2,000 tickets being sold, so a not so terrible odds either
and again, I have no gains in this, its just something I know about and am passing on
and yes I buy tickets for all of them , I would love to win any of the guns so far they chanced off!
but never that lucky it seems LOl
all have been first class firearms, that in all honesty, will be worth more next yr than they are worth now
some super class 1911's, they manage to get , so true collectable, and super shooters