View Full Version : My First Hitlist buck of 2013

07-29-2013, 04:16 PM
He is an old friend named Bent. I named him that because of right brow 4 years ago. Little did I know then that it would approach 15 inches or more. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/07/30/a2yde6yv.jpg

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07-29-2013, 05:34 PM
Good luck with him. He'd be on my hit list too. A mature deer with quality headgear.

07-29-2013, 10:25 PM
I love bucks with long brow tines
up my way there so far and few, in like 15 yrs here I have only seen one here that had them over 6 inches
so I hope you get him, and get to measure that one
best of luck!
Great buck

07-30-2013, 12:30 AM
what do you think he will score not that it matters just not that great at guessing

07-30-2013, 08:58 AM
Damn, he sure has turned into something BIG!! LOL! Good luck on him Buckeye360!!

07-30-2013, 09:00 AM
I have not pulled my cards yet. This is my buddies picture. I am hoping there is a hidden 10th point on left side. Hoping Booner when dried, but honestly I would be happy just to see him. He epitomizes "ghost buck." I only have 2 daylight pictures of him in all this time. I have learned to only get really excited about daylight big buck pictures.

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07-30-2013, 09:07 PM
Good luck man, that's a really nice deer, hope he steps in front of ya.

09-06-2013, 12:14 PM
You won't shoot him !! :smile:

09-07-2013, 09:54 AM
Dandy for sure! Love those brows. Can't wait to see a pic out of velvet. Good luck this season!

09-12-2013, 03:00 PM
Out of velvet but bad flash

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09-15-2013, 11:37 AM
What a buck! good luck hunting him. Never know what might send him your way during the daylight