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06-29-2013, 07:34 AM
The "package" deal that is offered with this rifle has a decent powered scope, in a 4x16x44...called a Nikko Stirling, which I know nothing about and have never heard of them. This may be one of my considerations for my next varmint rifle.

Does anyone own this rifle or know anyone that does?
What are your thoughts on the Axiom Varmint?

Thank you, Bowhunter57

06-29-2013, 12:01 PM
well I have shot seeral Howa actions, over the yrs, most shot pretty well, and I have known several folks that used there actions to build long range 1,000 yrd bench rifles on, and they were extremely accurate with there actions, but thats a whole different deamon!

I have NO experience with this make/model scope
that being said
I think for a grand, you could build a rifle
you can get a savage for less, and or a remington in a varmit caliber(they don't have recoil, so that stock is a eye catching deal more or less, and Black hawk, sells like stocks if you wanted one later for other make rifles!)
and a decent scope in the 4x14 or 4x16 range from a brand name maker, them scopes with the slanted objective, are impossible to find scope caps for, so to me there useless, I like butler creek flip open scope caps on my rifles!
but you can build a gun for a grand, or better yet, maybe find a used one for a LOT less, and if it doesn't meet your accuracy, can have it re barreled with a top notch BBL
a used rifle can normally be had for about 450-500, and a new Hart or Kreiger
a rem SPS in 22-250 can be had on sale for about 400 bucks, and then a scope and mounts for another 500
leaving you room
and then all and any parts ever needed will be easier to find
a Blackhawk stock I think will be about 300 bucks, making it about 1200 in all if you really wanted that stock, all new rifle scope package of brand names(not knocking Howa)
personally, I think that stock isn't needed, and again its a black hawk stock, they make and sell them for many model and make rifles and shotguns
an even better option also, can be to buy a used rifle, I prefer rem 700's, due to there actions, there is a reason there the most built on and coppied out there
but a used rifle can many times be found for about 450 bucks, many times they will have scopes on them too!
and if for any reason it doesn't shoot as well as you want, it can be re barreled with a top shelf barrel for about 400 bucks
thus making you have a rifle that will odds are out shoot a factory rifle, allowing you to shoot better farther!

this might not be what you asked for, but just giving you some options to think about
these Howa guns are very hard to find now too!
if you must have a packaged deal, I think this is a better one
and a crap load lighter, this Howa is a Heavy gun to carry be close to 14 lbs loaded with ammo and a sling
good luck, and let us know what you get!


06-29-2013, 05:36 PM
Thank you for your informative reply!

Actually, my first choice in a rifle brand is a Savage. I've had my eyes set on the model 12FV, in .243 Win., for a while, as my last varmint rifle was the same model in .22-250. I don't mind the carry weight and would rather have the 24" or 26" varmint barrel, for the velocity/accuracy.

I have a friend that owns a few Howa rifles and they're all good shooters. However, with this particular Howa Axiom, I could live without the camo stock and/or the stock configuration. Also, I'd prefer my own choice in optics...instead of what gets "packaged" and force fed to the customer. The power/size of their scope is what I'm looking for, in a varmint hunting scope, as I have no plans to shoot past 400 yards. It's flatter than a road killed squirrel around here and there's always a residence in the next section.

As for a used rifle, I prefer to start out with a new one, so that I know what's been run through it, for how long and the care that was taken during its' ownership.


06-29-2013, 07:46 PM
well , since I had a gun store and shot hundreds of used rifles, I came to learn first hand , very few folks shoot rifes much
with exceptions being more bench models and well, semi autos, Ak's AR's and such
so I get the rather have new, but again, there is nothing wrong with many used rifles, and agai, building one is a great persol thing I feel
I own several custom built rifles, and love them all, and to be honest, they all didn't cost all that much and I got a rifle ecactly how I wanted it

if your not shooting over 400 yrs, you really don't need a barrel longer than 20 inches, the few FPS your loosing doesn't really make a big difference
nor does a really heavy barrel in most hunting situation, where you only fire one or 2 shots, and then wait
far too many folks get caughtup in the hype of a heavy bbl being more accurate
and that's NOT true, its more about finding a load/bullet combo your rifle likes
I have a few sub 6 lb rifles that shoot 1/2" groups or smaller at 100 yrds, on thin barrels
sure it gets hot faster, but first few rounds are deadly!, and I don't end up carrying about a heavy gun to boot, win win for me
Savages are great rifles
they have a ton of models, and are about the most accurate out of box rifles on average out there, and many are cost way below what they should be !

But Again, a uded rem, and a custom barrel, finish, optic, can be had for under a grand, pending your optic, and options
and a custom gun, will also make you feel a little more I think like shooting it!

but to each his own I know

Rifles are something I know a LOT about, been a 1,000 yrd shooter for close to 30 yrs now
so I have some experience with rifles, plus sold over a few thousand of them too!

06-30-2013, 09:16 AM
I vote for savage