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06-26-2013, 12:20 PM
OK folks, here is a question for you all, or any that are still about, since its so slow here!

I been thinking this over
I have hunted alot over the yrs, in alot of states
in most of the states I hunted, including my own, I started in public lands, and I have killed a lot of deer and other game animals on public lands
but then as I got older, I found I tend to stick to private lands for hunting
and I feel this is a common trend
my last 2 trips out of state, were all done on public lands, even with access to private lands,, just due to the crops that were more abundant on the public lands, plus just seen more sign, so that was where I hunted
I personally feel, the main reason, I went to accessing private lands was to have more control over the food source's, making food plots and such, and having the ability to lave ladderstands up, and not having top use a portable(got lazy)
so was wondering, what is the main reasons you prefer private/lease lands?
I know having lands here in PA, I have exclusivly to myself, and I know I have tons of trespassers, so, having this all to myself, does really work out as expected
and in many of the lease's land rentals I have had in other states, I find this a common problem, with locals, trespassing at will, and or folks just walking in
something I know so many hate about public lands
but to be honest, I personally find its not much of a difference between private and public, as for trespasers/folks walking in, and or killing deer you have been passing on!
MY biggest reason I guess would be costs, I spend a ton of money on trying to better my hunting grounds, so that is why I guess I prefer to have private lands here, I also really enjoy working the land and making food plots and seeing the results, almost more than actually killing a big buck any more! I just enjoy seeing it all pan out!

so again
what are your main reasons for needing/wanting private lands/lease? over public lands?

06-27-2013, 04:43 PM
well i prefer private lands due to the safety fact and being able to use my four wheeler to drag deer and setup stands as for trespassers i would agree they are every where but in my experience is if it is posted most don't enter and the ones that do usually are from neighboring properties I have had bird hunters shoot while i am bow hunting and get hit with the pellets so i think it is all what you can afford and prefer

06-27-2013, 06:32 PM
well I agree owning lands has many great advantages
But trespassers here don't care about signs, I have sign every 20+ ft or so, and they walk right past them like there not there, I personally feel its because of the lack of help from the state on enforcing the laws here
as for safety??
well, I think that too can be a plus or the same, as here in PA its a gun/rifle state, so bullets can travel miles
and I have been hit with BB's many many times from folks not away of there back stops, in several states too!
both private and public lands
being able to use an ATV, I think is one of my top 3 reasons to own /have private lands, I am way too out of shape to be dragging deer like I did when I was younger/dumber LOL
that makes life SO much easier on recovery, setting up stands, and all sorts of uses !

BUT many public places also allow use of ATv's these days
Personally, here in PA, we are legaly required to have a licence plate and insurance and registered, yet they don't allow ATv's almost any where, I feel that is wrong, as if we have to ahve all the legal crap, we should be able to use in more places!