View Full Version : some bears in love

04-03-2013, 12:08 AM
OK here there is a little love in the air tonight
had these two bears , the smaller one is a male, bigger is a female
little guy been sniffing her over and over till she slapped him about some
didn't seem to shake him any, but guess its getting to that time of yr for some bear loving!! lol






04-03-2013, 08:14 AM
Cool to see the bear photos. Do you have porcupines in your area? I've seen you post lots of different critters, but don't recall any porkys.

04-03-2013, 08:22 AM
Good stuff mrbb! They just seem to not have a care in the world do they!!

04-03-2013, 02:21 PM
Cool to see the bear photos. Do you have porcupines in your area? I've seen you post lots of different critters, but don't recall any porkys.

yea I have porcupines here , lots of them to be honest, but to be honest they are maybe the rarest critter I have ever captured on a trail cam, its been a few yrs now since I got a pic's of one, I see them all the time , they like to eat the bark off beech nut tree's here
so up have them, but don't many pic's on trail cam's
And Big holla
believe it or not, they be on very high alert, every sound they hear gets there attention, from the wind to the bunny rabbits in the yard
for as big as they are, they always seem worried something bigger is about
guess that's cause they honestly fear people, and guess that's a good thing, as they are pretty darn strong and powerfull critters
if they had NO fear they could see us as food I guess!
so will get braver if they spend more time near folks, but even bears I know of that have been feed by people for 10+ yrs all run when starngers showed up
they do seem to learn who is feeding them by smell, and if a new person is there they get very alert or won't show up, or come in to eat!
there smart critters thats for sure
seen them figure out how to open a door and go in a house before, just by watching the person go in and out turning the door knob a few times
so they do learn fast, and why they tell people not to feed them, as they can quickly go from fun to see to trouble makers!
but like most things you learn as you go, and wild animals are best to be kept as wild and not try to make pets of them!
I feed yr round at my place, don't try to attract bears, but they come and go and have for 20+ yrs, I like them to fear me, and to date, most will run if I step outside
some bears will stand and stare some, but when I move they do too
thats how I like to see them
Now if I toss them food from a window, they don't seem to run as much
so a snack or two to get a few pic's is fine in my eye's just not a thing to keep doing, will only lead to troubles I believe!
but bears are sure cool critters to see and watch that's for sure!