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03-31-2013, 10:43 AM
Whats your thoughts on a Red Dot for a .22 rifle. I put a cheap TruGlo 5 MOA Red Dot on my Rossi .22 and did a little shooting yesterday. At 25 yards yesterday using a makeshift, but pretty steady, rest I was only able to shoot 3/4" groups. I realize that Red Dots are not made for super accurate shooting, but I thought it would do a little better. Good enough for short range groundhogs, but I wouldn't advise using one on a squirrel rifle.

03-31-2013, 09:59 PM
If its anything like the one we had on my wife's bow years ago man those are hard to keep steady!! Really think her accuracy suffered because as she tried to hold it steadier the worse her shots were. Can only think the same could be true with a rifle.

04-01-2013, 10:40 AM
Not what I wanted to hear BH. I shoot bad enough already. I can tell that the aiming point when shooting the dot is not as precise as shooting a scope with crosshairs. I plan to get it out one day this week for some short range groundhog hunting. I'm hoping it fares pretty well out to 50 yards or so. If it works out fairly well I have my eye on a 2X red dot with a 2.5 MOA dot. I'm thinking the slight magnification and the smaller dot would increase my accuracy a good bit.

04-01-2013, 11:37 AM
I had a red dot On my .44 and it was nice because you shoot a red dot with both eyes open so you can track your target better.

04-01-2013, 02:14 PM
well how accurate they are is how well there made, and how well your gun shoots and then how well you shoot
the size of the dot, the bigger is made more for faster target accusation and as such not made for more precise shooting
that doesn't mean you cannot be accurate with it
but the size of the dot determine how much of a target it covers, thus, makes being more accurate harder, as you can be off a slight amount and not notice as much really!,
adding more power, can help, 2.5 power, well to be honest that's not much of gain really for accuracy work, even if just at 50 yrds
sure it will help, but not like a 4x or more will
red dot scopes are more like scopes with a first plane retical, some what in that as power increases the dot gets bigger
But most better model dot scopes these days, have the option of many different reticles to pick from on the same scope, many have several colors too you can switch through on the scopes
many many troops are issued red dot type scopes in 4x and do very well at 100 yrds with them
but for precise shooting a regular scope and cross hair and some higher power is always better
there are many folks that shoot 1,000+ yrds with peep sights still, so, a lot comes down to the shooter and the gun , over optic many times!
My general rule is finer the aiming point the better you can shoot for smaller groups, that is if you can see the aiming point and you and your gear are up to it! bigger the aiming point the faster you can get it on target
and why so many pin's on bows have gotten smaller over the yrs, cause they allow you to aim more accuratly, but get harder to see in low light!
good luck

04-02-2013, 02:45 PM
well if it was me i would go with a 4x scope on the 22 , i think you would be happier, I have tried the red dot on a 22 before and the scope to me will make you bare down better , The red dot may cover your hawg to much , and we use them on our muzzleloaders but with hawg hunting on a brite sunny day it will give you fits trying to see the dot properly sometimes you may not even be able to see it. I can see them used on a handgun or a slug or muzzleloader used on deer sized game.but i wouldnt want one on any type of rifle personally. The 3/4 inch groups may just be your gun and the type of 22 you are putting through it.

04-02-2013, 02:57 PM
I'm trying to set up the .22 as my go to daytime coon calling rig. I'm thinking in November and December most days won't be that sunny. When a coon comes to the call they are usually moving pretty quick and at close range. The red dot should help me get on target quickly. I'm just hunting the groundhogs to see how I like the set up. I thought about a 1 1/2 - 4X scope but the forgiving eye relief on the red dot is a plus. I've got a 4X scope on the .410 barrel for this gun and may just switch them if need be. I'm sure the red dot would work well on the .410 for deer hunting. A few sessions hunting groundhogs will answer most of my questions.

04-02-2013, 04:32 PM
I guess what you could do with it Hortontoter is shoot it off of a bench and really sight that dot in, that way you know it should hit where you are aiming.

04-02-2013, 05:09 PM
well for what your doing the red dot scopes should be fine, most have the ability to adjust for brightness, and many these days have different colors to pick from

the lower the power the wider the field of view, makes for faster on target, but many 3x9 scopes can be had cheap these days, and with practice you can get on game pretty fast with a 3 x setting, and can get a scope with a lighted reticle to help on speed too, and then have the ability to go to higher power for more precice shooting farther out
many red dot scopes are not all that lighter, sure some are, but not all
one advantage a red dot will have besides the wider field of view will be ability to see in lower light
more power (and glass quality) can me loss of light as power goes up
so most red dots being low power, means they can see better in lower light, and the big Dot makes getting on target faster
but with prsctice, its not a Huge difference on speeds
but get every second can count on thngs that can move
3/4 inch groups are not bad, many guns thats all they are good for, so
finding or getting better may or may not be possibletrying different loads can sure help find a sweet one
but these days with ammo being so darn hard or expensive might be just as happy with the 3/4 inch group if it was me!

04-03-2013, 08:10 AM
My plan is to try different brands of ammo. But, finding .22 LR is near impossible here. My plan is to use CCI Mini Mags, Velocitors or Spitfires. Which ever of these three shoot best is what I will use. If no significant differences in groups I'll go with Velocitors to use the higher velocity 40 grain bullet.

04-03-2013, 02:50 PM
well 22 ammo is dry here, even cheap crap loads are now 8 bucks a box of 50 too, and thats just crazy I think, when just last yr or so a 500 rounds was just 15 bucks of same ammo!
CCI stingers are great fast rounds too, creame of the crop they say for speed, and they always shot accurate in my guns
but these days with such high demands, I would honestly wonder how consistant ammo being made is, as I have to beleiev they are pushing the limits of making it, and maybe skipping a few of the checks to make more while people are willing to pay such high dollars for it!
as every gun that ever got great reviews/demand, one that demand took prioriety, qualiety dropped big time
so maybe kep that in mind too when your shooting these days
there is always a price to pay for demand, seems MFG's are way too greedy to the mighty dolar than to there reputaion any more
all seem to rather say sorry and do better later on than keep a good thing good!