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02-02-2013, 07:13 PM
OK second day of the local contest here
was 4 degree's this morning leaving the house, and about 5-10 mph winds
COLD to say the least
got to the first set at 5 am, was about as noisy as possible walking in the frozen snow, every step was super swueaky, like I never heard before, and just about an inch of snow too??

waited a good 45 minutes for the first call
about 10 minutes in had a real nice red fox show up at 10 yrds, and it circled my decoy 5 times getting closer with each circle LOL
cool show he put on, then walked off

on the way to the next set, about 1/2 a mile walk, I crossed 4 different sets of coyote tracks, hopes were getting higher as I got closer to my set, even the wind was working my way
next set, I again waited 45 minutes before calling
I had 2 rabbits about a 100 yrds out running back and forth, I thought I was golden
stayed at this set for another 45 minutes all the while the winds just getting stronger and stronger, with huge gusts must have been close to 25 mph?
never seen anythng but rabbits

third set, now a good 3 miles from the truck, trying to get on the back side of the Mountain to get out of the wind if I could
got all set up waited again, and go to turn caller on and dead batteries??? used mouth calls, called in a lot of crows and had 3 deer show up?? small yearlyings
and again I had coyote tracks all over this area, and fresh tracks at that, as it didn't stop snowing till about 3 am, so they were just a few hrs old if that
moved to a different area, called in 2 more foxes, a LOT of crows, and then some turkey buzzards
all day long temps never rose above 14 degree's and winds went up and down all day, I hate hunting in heavy winds!
But I wasat for it 13 hrs today, so I tried!
have till 10 Am tomorrow then contest ends
will try again in the AM for a set or two?? and call it a weekend!
and its snowing hard now, and calling for lower winds tomorrow, slowing down after noon time, , go figure the winds I want after its all over LOL

OH almost forgot, I found a dead bear today, but didn't have a camera on me
will try to get back this week and take a pic?

02-04-2013, 08:00 PM
Thanks for the update mrbb. I enjoy reading about your hunts. Gives me a quick escape since I cant get out there nyself right now.