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02-01-2013, 07:07 PM
OK the first coyote contest I am in started today at 12:01 AM 2/02/13
was out at 5 am, super heavy winds, like 20 to 30 mph steady winds?
and blowing snow, and only 14 degrees when I left my house
did about 10 sets
on the second set I had one coyote come in from behind me over my right shoulder, just couldn't turn to take a shot and he was gone as fast as I seen him
rest of day, quit at 6 pm, Nothing but tree rats, some owls, and a LOT of crows

will be back out tomorrow, winds are supposed to slow down tomorrow
I hope so, long cold day and lots of mikles on the boots!

anyone else out hunting for coyotes??

02-02-2013, 05:28 PM
mrbb, are you using a mouth call, or a electonic caller. I've gone out a few times over the years but really didn't have much luck. Do you think crunchy snow hurts your chance's?

02-02-2013, 05:48 PM
Yep......predator hunting is my favorite type of hunting. One more day tomorrow in my deer blind......then I get to have some real fun calling yotes!! We have a ton of yotes where I hunt and can't wait to devote all my hunting time to calling yotes........good like in the contest mrbb!!!

02-02-2013, 06:03 PM
mrbb, are you using a mouth call, or a electonic caller. I've gone out a few times over the years but really didn't have much luck. Do you think crunchy snow hurts your chance's?

Griz.....if you don't think you could get away with it when deer hunting.....you certainly won't when hunting yotes. Forget about "smoking up"....scent killer.....scent blocking clothes ect. They might be techniques that work on deer but are useless when trying to fool a yotes nose. Also always keep a view downwind......try to call crosswind. Most yotes will try to circle around and come in from the downwind side of where they think the distress sound is coming from......and don't move at all!!!.....or they will bust you. Basically forget about hunting yotes the same way you'd hunt deer.....it's a whole different game for the most part. When you are done with a set.....check downwind if there is snow on the ground, you'll be amazed how many times they have come in to your call..... circled downwind..... and busted you without you even knowing they were there.

02-02-2013, 07:01 PM
I have both mouth calls and an electronic caller, along with a decoy(that works off my caller's remote), and I also have a few hand call too! Been hunting coyotes for about 30 yrs so things add up!
and yes I do think the snow and the cold is some what hurting me, as the snow here is Super squeaky, I mean its about as loud as I ever heard it NO way at all to move without tons of things hearing me from FAR away I am sure
As for scent control slothing?? well I think it can help, just like with deer, but I really don't have tons of faith in it helping in deer hunting
Any help can be better than none I guess when it comes to trying to be as scent free as possible
but I personally find scent loc and like brand clothes just don't kep you as warm as other clothes will in late season, you add bulk and weight without the warmth, to justify it??
I do a ton of scent control, with keeping me and ALL my gear as scent free and I do spray down with a so called scent killer

But I do try my best to set up with the wind in my favor if I can
And I agree with Stonegod 110% when there is snow on the ground, many times you will find tracks as you move on to show a coyote ame, but never either came into view or didn't have the set right and left , either busting you, by sight sound, or scent
OR, just didn't feel the risk was there for it?
there smart critters thats for sure, and a fun challange and a way to pass the time in winter here
PLUS with a price tag on them in either contest, or for there hide, , never hurts LOL

02-02-2013, 08:39 PM
You can spray yourself down all day long with scent killer and wear whatever scent lock clothing you want mrbb......but if they get down wind of you......it's over period. Now with fox it's a different story....they aren't nearly a tuned in to your scent as yotes are. Unlike most deer that wind you and stand around looking for the danger......if a yote gets the slightest hint of your scent.....it's done......and most times long before you ever even see them. Mrbb I'm just curious....how many yotes have you got this year?

02-02-2013, 09:07 PM
Stonegod, I haven't shot any yet, I typically don't shoot them at the farm I deer hunt on, I keep them about for help with deer numbers
and only hunt them now in these contest hunts, with some very nice jackpots!

BUT over the yrs, I have had coyotes from 10 ft to 50 yrds from me for hrs
even had them bed right under me in a treestand
have had them go and pick ears of corm, then come and eat the under me many many times
so I am POSSITIVE you can beat there nose
its not easy, or do it every time but it can be done!
But you also have tyo remember that so many coyotes these days live in backyards and close to people yr round, and I personally believe
thats why they don't always get out of dodge when they catch a hint of human scent!
there will always be that dumb one or two! LOL!

as for how many coyotes I have killed over the yrs
maybe a 150 or so,(maybe mroe?? never counted them) first one I killed was in the 80's
I have shot them in about 8 different states and up in canada
I will admit there a lot easier to hunt out west, between being able to see them a LOT farther, and there just seems to be a LOT more out there
so getting good set ups is a TON easier too!, all the more so when you can watch where they go and then set up on them
Up in canada( Alberta) it was nothing to see 25-30 a day too just driving about farm lands, and up there you can petty much hunt them anyplace you see them too, not like private/public lands up there, and all the more open on coyotes too! folks don't care about them it seems like deer!

02-04-2013, 08:37 AM
Both of you have me thinking about were I can set up with the wind in my favor. Maybe this will get away from the wood stove and back out into mother nature. I let you know how it goes.

02-04-2013, 11:20 AM
Good luck chasing thoughs yotes Griz!!! It's addicting!!lol