View Full Version : My Mathews Z7 Recovery

01-24-2013, 07:14 PM
In the 2012-2013 Ohio Hunting season I was Bowhunting the first saturday morning of October and got to my vehicle set my bow up against my tire and proceeded to change ot of my hunting clothes and ended up walking right pass my bow and got in the jeep started it and pulled off and felt a wierd bump and it dawned on me i ran my bow over. Destroyed everything but my QAD Ultra Rest works just fine,peep,and stabilizer.
Luckily MAthews Replaced the Cracked Limbs for free, because of the warranty,got that fixed, picked it up from the Mathews Retailer, took it home and noticed the limb wasnt straight had to take it back a month later. Got it straightened put a new Extreme Ranger sight on it and it shoots dead on again same string and all.

My opinion the grid Lock Riser might be able to be ran over with a truck just as done with the Hoyt Carbon Series.
My Jeep Wieghs about 3300 lbs. ITs Lifted with 31" Tires