View Full Version : a couple bears pic again

12-12-2012, 07:55 PM
OK here are a couple more bear pic's to anyone who likes to see them
they were taken about 10 days ago in my backyard
this is a very young male, that is still with the mother, he is one of 3 cubs, 2 males and one female cub, the others are denned up already, he I am guessing is still looking for easy food, and odds are the other are very close by, I get bears to den behind my house most yrs, about 200 yrds away
he is maybe 175 lbs or so if that!
and is the most friendly(take that lighty) of the family, he will only run off a little when I make any noise or toss a quick snack outside for him
BUt will for sure run if I step outside while he is about, and that's again how I like it!
I am not looking to tame them at all, just a chance to see them up close for a short period of time!

in the first pic, you can see this is the one with the wound on its right front leg, its been an open wound now about 4-5 weeks, and just doesn't seem to be healing, not sure why??