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11-15-2012, 02:35 AM
OK here are a couple pictures of some bears that visit my back yard almost every day, I have 6 that come , one mother with 3 yearlings, and two younger males, with the biggest being about 350 lbs
these 3 are the yearlings, they maybe weight about 200-250 lbs each, and one was caught and tagged by the state has ear tags
our archery bear season ended yesterday, and NO I didn't hunt for them, not a bear hunter really, don't have a desire to shoot one to be honest,
BUT if you look you can see it seems the one bar took a hit to its right front leg,rather recently,
it has a pretty deep cut there, but walks fine and doesn't seem to bother it, I am thinking maybe a arrow hit the leg bone and it just pulled the arrow out and the hole is whats left! or could be from a fight, as they do fight, mostly just ruff play, but hey there bears, and even play can be ruff at times and cause an injury I would think!!

hope you's enjoy the pic's
I do toss them some food when there here in the yard as long as they don't run from me!

but here I threw him a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich



the two males



this is the one with the wound to his right front leg





and then all three yearlings


11-15-2012, 02:04 PM
Very cool pics!

11-16-2012, 08:05 AM
Pretty cool, mrbb. Looks like you have your own zoo over there. I like the white V on the one bears chest.

11-16-2012, 10:37 AM
yea I am lucky I guess, I have all sorts of critters here, and 2 of them 3 in the pic's have the white V, just one is a little bigger and brighter white it seems to stand out better
I like all the animals, and enjoy seeing them
guess maybe thats why I don't have the drive to hunt like I used to, spend too much time just watching and enjoying them now

12-12-2012, 03:08 PM
crazy! do them bears ever attack ppl in your area?

12-12-2012, 06:15 PM
Great Pics. When do your bears go into hibernation? We have to take our bird feeders in every night until about the 3rd week of Nov. Then the bears just disappear, and we don't see them until spring time.

12-12-2012, 07:01 PM
crazy! do them bears ever attack ppl in your area?

NO bear attackes in PA are super super rare, and normally a fault of a person surprising a mother and a cub
in PA's entire history, only one person has ever been killed by one
so NO bears even one's like this will ttypically run at first sight or sound of a person coming near them
they fear people mostly and thats how it should be
yes some will be a little friendly to a point, by allowing you to toss them a snack, but it take several attempts with them running off every time before they catch on that your tossing them a snack
and then they will still jump at strange sounds and run off
if you repeat it enough, like all critters they will associate , what your doing with food and not run, but I try not to get them too used to people
for all's safety
I like to see them, and feed them some, but I want them to run from people
and I always have done this, and to date, some almost 25+ yrs of feeding them at times, they all run off at small sounds

12-12-2012, 07:19 PM
Great Pics. When do your bears go into hibernation? We have to take our bird feeders in every night until about the 3rd week of Nov. Then the bears just disappear, and we don't see them until spring time.

well yes and no, bears will den for winter, with females, and pregnat one's always denning first, followed by females and younger bears mostly
BUT its really weather and food related
if there is lots of easy food and warm weather a bear will stay out almost all yr, I have had them in my yrd over the yrs all different weeks of the , so called winter mnths, in late dec, early jan, mid jan and all about in feb
BUT its not the normal deal on bears
90 % of them will be denned up about late dec and untill about late feb mid April
and not all bears go in a den either, many bears just flop down where ever they feel safe and sleep, have seen then out in the oepn next to logs and brush piles
I have tons of experience with bears, knew alot of the , honest bear experts, real bear biologist, with gary Alt being one of the folks I learded a lot of first hand, known him for a good 20 yrs
so I have seen a lot over the yrs, and even managed to help tag a few and weigh live ones
very cool , and in all honesty, bears are nothing like what most people think about them, there very easy going animals, that go out of there way to avoid folks, and super slow and small bite eaters too!, something I am sure mopst folks find hard to believe
they eat SLOW, andf really seem to savor things they eat! as smelly as many things are they seem to like LOLl