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09-19-2012, 11:21 AM
OK the past few days I have been asked about a dozen times for permission to hunt my farm
every yr I get asked a TON by locals
and as always I ask them how they found the place , as its 100% land locked meaning the whole farm is surrounded by a large section of forest , and the farm just can only be seen from the air or, well if someone is trespassing,
as all lands surrounding it are private and posted very well, so only way any one could know there is farm lands is to trespass!
and well, eveyone always tells me when I ask, they were walking the area and thus found it!!
its so rare that I get any other answer, once in a great while somoen will tell me they hunted it a few yrs ago, and I have had it for about 15 yrs now so??

so at that point I stop them and tell them they were trespassing and I don't let trespassers hunt, and if I catch them on the lands ,
I will have them arrested , as this in NOW there notice, and next time will be a class A fenony charge, as here in PA if you warn a person about trespassing and you get them a second time you can UP the charge to that, meaning they will loose ability to own a firearm if convicted of a felony charge

But , its just maybe me, but I get pissed when I get these folks that trespassed and then ask for permission, as I get so much stuff stolen every yr

Oh well just a vent I guess

anyone else have this problem??

09-19-2012, 02:29 PM
Dont have that problem here, they usually just dont ask!! But, as far as finding your property, dont forget how times have changed and anyone can look at your property from the air. I do most of my scouting from google now, lol.

09-19-2012, 02:44 PM
Yep, your farm can't hide from Google Earth. I use it all the time to look for new properties.

09-19-2012, 03:29 PM
I'm on google maps or earth almost on a weekly basis running scenarios though my head. I also use it and the county auditors page to get land and owners information.

09-19-2012, 07:43 PM
I use google all the time as well, but my farm is surrounded by 1,000 acres of a private gated housing cominuiety that everyone in the area knows is NO hunting allowed, and to be using Google earth to scout a NO nunting area still brings up questions to me, most of the trespassers I get are trying to sneak into this place, find my farm, and stop at it and hunt it
all the locals know this private gated place has Loads of deer, making things a royal pain in tha ass for me with cheaters

I just get fustrated when I am told how most find it, as it just shows me how many folks are looking to cheat to kill a deer by trespassing
don't get me wrong I like to look about my hunting areas on Google earth and places I would like to, maybe get access to
but again, most answers I get are, " I was wlaking the place and found it", and well walking isn't possible YET on google earth as far as I know! lol
which to me again just tells me I am already dealing with a person that doesn't follow the rules, and not the folks I would grant access to, and folks I need to keep an eye out for in the future

every yr about this time I get lots to ask me, and 99% tell me they already walked it!

11-11-2012, 09:43 PM
Why do you use Google Earth to scout new places to hunt when you live on a farm surrounded by 1,000 acres of No Hunting property that, in your own words, is loaded with deer? And what would the "correct" answer be? Not everyone is in the social circle that allows for hunting such prestigious property as yours. It doesn't matter how they found it, they did - and they had the balls to ask for permission. Those aren't the people you have to worry about. Loosen up, man. You own a great piece of land. Provide some opportunity.

11-12-2012, 09:36 AM
It does matter how they found it when nobody should be on his property.

11-23-2012, 02:33 AM
What would you say mrbb if I asked for permission for my son and I to hunt your land?