View Full Version : Trip to 2012 Rarden Whitetail Festival

Seeker Bp
09-11-2012, 07:47 AM
Our trip to Rarden this year was fun as always, but Rarden was hating life sat morning....Sometime in the early morning hours they had a pretty severe storm come through with pretty heavy winds. We found the place to be a mess with scattered tents and tarps. Some tents were staked, but leveled, and some were just plain not where they were supposed to be. The rain had slowed when we arrived, but we found that the local pavilion was packed with people, and the Festival was still in full swing with the pretty baby contest... Most of the venders were still closed, but the breakfast trailer was up and running, and the food tasted superb after a 3 hour drive,,, We actually look forward to the breakfast every year. The archery shoot was in full swing, and there was plenty of mud for everyone to play in.. The weather made our day just a little shorter at the festival, but it was still worth the trip. This was our third year in a row going south to the Festival, and we plan on making it 4 next season. Great job to the people of Rarden for holding it together in the face of adversity.......Cant wait till next year... Seeker BP