View Full Version : a walk today and some finds

09-05-2012, 09:43 PM
OK at the farm today, doing some odds and ends, and then took a walk
here is what all I found, a few fresh rub, a nice shed , that JUST started to get chewed on, maybe a 1/2 inch chewed off the brow tine that's it, and then the highlight of my walk,
someone built a shooting house like 25 ft off the property line, talk about hunting the border, and to top it off, its on land NO ONE is supposed to be hunting, but the owner won't do Crap to enforce, lives in another state so just doesn't care, lands are posted, but , he won't work with me to keep guys off









and the shooting house, border hunter, seems like a gun hunter too or I hope just that, as to be honest its actually in the worst place for me, as its set up right on a main trail from where 90% of all the deer bed and then travel to , to get to my place, so have to get past this blind to get to where i can hunt them


09-06-2012, 08:51 AM
Boy does that take guts!! Or maybe the land owner is not telling you everything. If its posted, why doesn't the conservation officer do something?

09-06-2012, 11:34 AM
the conservation officer doesn't do anything cause its not there job here in PA, they do not enforce trespassing here at all, they will tell you to call state police, state police will tell you to call local police, local police will tell you to call game warden, big circle more or less, and since I don't own the lands I have no say
I called this owner many times , and all he says is, well what can I do, I am not there !

tried to get him to work with me, but says its just land nothing there for anyone to steal, and doesn't care
keep telling him if someone gets hurt he can be sued, and again here in PA we don't have the permission to hunt sli[p that take responsibility away from owners as in OHIO, so we are always liable and its a court battle if anyone wnats to sue, and we loose more than we win, sadly!

and yes balls to set up like that as well as ignorance if you ask me
seems folks here don't care, I get a ton of guys sitting on my border every yr and all are trespassing , hell catch a ton every yr on my place too, got 3 nice treestands last yr from them, even left them a note to call to get back, but no takers, as I for sure would have there ass arrested if they did!!