View Full Version : FINALLY MY OWN LAND TO HUNT. I have questions for yall tho.

08-23-2012, 09:57 AM
Me and a buddy of mine finally got our own land to hunt. Its not really big but there is a food source on almost all sides. There really arent too many good climbing trees around but we will take waht we can get at this point. Went out and bought a double laddder stand and trail cam just for this property. I hope it yields a few big boys. From walking the property, it looks like an enitre herd of deer bed down out here. Any advice on attractants, or feed that we can throw down to keep them coming around would be appreciated. Also, when should i be expecting to see rubs and scrapes?

08-23-2012, 10:26 AM
well congrats on the new land

as for scrapes and rubs, , scrapes will be starting about sept, but the more rut one's not till mid Oct
rub seem to start here about the first wek of sept to, but again, they get more active making them come mid/late oct!

as for what you can throw out to keep deer about, well the really best thing is to plant things they will eat, or will produce food they will eat,
different types of tree's shrubs, But a few small food plots will do wonders, keping some deer visiting for a snack

you can also hang a corn feeder with a timer, they do work as well,
I personally would suggest posting the place well, to help keep anyone out that doesn't know its under new ownership, many people don't show up till hunting season, to find stuff out(some still don't seem to care or read signs but??)

then walk the place and look at what types of tree's are on it, bring a aerial photo with you and mark spots that have better oaks, or what ever's on it as you go to

But good luck