View Full Version : Anyone interested in putting to gether a wounded hero hunt in Ohio?

08-04-2012, 11:32 PM
My name is Rob and I am a 26 year old wounded veteran and when I was in the hospital for 2 years after being shot several times there were hunts that came about from no one important to get wounded guys back in the woods and I will tell you first hand it played one of the biggest roles in my recovery next to my family of coarse. I was 19 when I was shot up in Afghanistan.
I try to help out with different groups to keep this going but I find it more difficult to work with groups to complete one fun bow hunt. My dad and I have been taking guys archery hunting in Virgina and we would like to branch over to Ohio.
We are from N.E. Pennsylvania and dont know anyone with private land or dont know where any decent public land can be found but to be honest I dont want to risk one of our deserving young veterans to have their hunt spoiled buy people walking around the woods on public land.

If you have any ideas please PM me ASAP and lets get something put together for one-two heros!

08-05-2012, 12:21 AM
Any thoughts or advice would really help!

08-06-2012, 12:23 PM
any other state could help too

08-06-2012, 09:42 PM
well I Pm'd you
I can hook you up in a few states I think,
in case no one else wants to help out here!

08-06-2012, 10:23 PM
please do pm me! not too much luck so far

08-08-2012, 05:42 AM
Well thats a wonderful thing you are doing to support wounded veterans. I have very few connection with the hunting world. But i am currently overseas and there are actually several recent wounded worriors that have just recently come home to ohio. If you get a hunt together I could possiably point you in the right direction to get these guys out to hunt.

08-11-2012, 11:56 PM
anyone can help

08-20-2012, 03:01 PM
this is a great thing you're doing, I really wish I could help, but I hunt public land. In the future when I'm out of college and settled with land i definitely want to get into something like this.

08-23-2012, 02:54 AM
pm me i would be willing to take a few hunters out