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03-26-2012, 12:36 AM
Ok now I am just wondering

I have been playing with trail cam's a long time

and have noticed that well, most of them start to go down hill after time
well right now I have just three cams
a Moltrie a tasco and a Cuddleback capture

3 weeks ago, all threee stopped working at teh same time

just wouldn't take any pic's at all
they had all been out the same amount of time, so??

found it odd to have 3 cams die at teh same time

SO OK maybe weather??

any ways gave them two weeks off, new batteries,and new sd cards

and well the tasco, was still a no go!(cheap cam so??)

the moltrie says its working, will trip, but not really taking any pic's, can trip is 10 times and get just 2 pic's! so??

and the cuddleback, capture

well, will not hold time once I set it seems to jump to what ever time it wants at will!

and this I do not get at all!

its putting pic's on the sd card, every other date but one after another

meaning will have one on say first(1/1/2012), then one on the date of say second(1-02/2012), then one on the first again, and so on???
cannot even figure how thats possible!!

but had 150 pic's like that with every other pic being the day before the last one!! back and forth!

and lots of blank pic's now too!!

so anyone else have this stuff happen??

03-26-2012, 08:34 AM
Out of all may hunting equipment, the least reliable is the trail cameras!! I have one old moultrie flash thats still working well. The new m-80 moultrie I had to return. Customer service was a joke! The worst camera I've owned is a Cuddyback with the worst customer service. They actually told me I probably shouldn't be a cuddyback owner. So I took their advise. The cuddyback I did own was stolen. That was a blessing, now they have to deal with it.
Mrbb we are both old enough to remember when you payed good money for a product it would perform, last a reasonable time, and you could get it fixed locally. If a trail cameral company did that, they would corner the market! I've ranted enough, back to your question/problem.
I was thinking that the only thing that could make them all go bad at once would be a lighting strike. Just a thougth.

03-26-2012, 12:59 PM
Some goofy business going on there for you mrbb. Don't know what to really say about all that stuff. My most reliable camera is down right now, my Buck Eye Cam. I have had that thing going almost 365 days a year since the day I got it, several years ago. Bought two batteries for it and about half the time between now and first out the one battery quit, now I think the other one did as well. Still has life inside on the internal display battery/board so I am not too concerned just yet. Once I get back to work I plan to pick up a new battery and with fingers crossed that will be it. Literally the thing has taken in the tens of thousands of pictures over the years!!